stories by Alan Rappaport

Final Thoughts: Dishonored

With everything once again right in the city of Dunwall, I’m hanging up my sword, gun, crossbow & special powers and calling it a day with Dishonored. Dishonored is a unique FPS in the fact that I felt a great deal of freedom to play as I wanted. For me, this meant a non-lethal approach… well…┬ámostly┬ánon-lethal. Some blood was spilled, but hey when you’ve been framed & betrayed things are going to get messy.


Just finished my second play-through of Sega’s Vanquish, and man – what a ride. The game is an immensely enjoyable, fast & frantic, action packed third person shooter that just oozes with style.

Traveling ‘Casual Only’.

Tomorrow I'll be heading out of town for a few days, and one aspect of traveling that I always look forward to is the uninterrupted-portable-game-time a flight offers. Sure, everything else about air travel pretty much sucks, but once I'm in my seat, and we've reached our cruising altitude it's GAME ON as far as I am concerned.