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A Link Between Worlds is the best game EVER

Note: I’ve been getting quite a few angry responses to my Most Overrated Games of 2013 article. People have been making very good points, like: how can you claim that a game is overrated if critics say that it’s a great game? Or, how can you claim to be a gamer when you don’t like the same games as everyone else? Well, I am nothing if not open to criticism, so I have decided to give a totally honest positive review of a 2013 game that everyone else liked. Because after all, no one reads these articles to get a different opinion, right?

Most overrated games of 2013

2013 may very well go down in history as the year of the overrated game. I haven’t seen so much pretentious mediocrity being passed off as a masterpiece since the days of grunge. Don’t get me wrong: this year was pretty bad all around in terms of not only video games, but also TV and movies. Still, critical overhype this year seems to have gotten worse than ever before.

Gone Home: too mindless to be a good game, too expensive to be a good movie

Gone Home is one of those games that was bound to be divisive. In a gaming world populated almost entirely by open-world shooters – seriously, go check on Wikipedia how many of the best-rated games of recent years are “open world action-adventure” – it’s a highly non-standard gaming experience, and the themes (or rather, theme) that it explores are none too popular among mainstream gamers. Despite that, Gone Home seems to have gotten a lot of praise from major gaming websites, which is when you should start getting suspicious.