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Ben Sipe is an independent game and monetization designer. He’s worked for publishers, developers and advertising agencies and has experience on hundreds of titles spanning all genres (from mature shooters to children’s pet titles) on almost all platforms; mobile, console, handheld, social and PC/Mac. His blog ( has been featured as a top gaming site to watch ( and has been featured on several top gaming sites. If you need help designing or fixing your game, drop him a line.


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5 reasons why Pocket Trains is better

Let me start by saying I love NimbleBit games and the studio as a whole. I, like many of you, was hooked when I discovered Tiny Tower. I love the pixel art, the bitizen characters and the little attentions to detail in their games like the Bitbook (mock in-game Facebook). Not only are their games good but it seems like they are the underdogs that everyone is rooting for, and I mean “underdog” in the best way possible as in they don’t have the capital or resources that their competition has. It’s hard not to respect them when they send notes like this to studios who copy their games.

Can Madden go F2P?

EA has the talent, relationships and budget to bring some seriously good F2P mobile titles such as Simpsons Tapped Out, Real Racing 3 and all the Pop Cap games, but what happens when they take a premium franchise and make it freemium?