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Callum’s been playing games for as long as he can remember (which is quite far!). When asked how the heck he was going to make a living for himself, he took up writing about games and hasn’t looked back. Now he spends every moment he can buried in his word processor, crankin’ out stuff (or so he’d like to believe). He also does work as a proof-reader in his spare time.

Location:Springfield, Oregon

stories by Callum Rakestraw

SpaceChem: A rewarding slog

It's taken hours and hours of preparation, optimization, fine-tuning, and extensive tests, but it's ready: finally, the production line can begin operation. The machines are fired up, pumping out manufactured elements to be spliced and attached to other molecules to create other chemicals through elaborate strings of commands. Everything running smooth as can be.

Skyward Sword brings meaningful combat to the Zelda series

If you think back on the 25 years we've been playing The Legend of Zelda series, something has always been constant. No, I'm not talking about the franchise’s much-criticized formula and its refusal to change. I'm talking about combat. Until The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword came about, the series' battle mechanics have been on the bland side, amounting to nothing more than waiting for a chance to pound on the attack button. Nintendo's latest entry in its long-running saga fixes that by making you a part of the action — literally.

Bit.Trip Void Review

The advent of digital distribution has been a true blessing to this industry, as without it, we wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to revisit favorites or classics from gaming's past, or experience games from small independent developers that might not have otherwise seen the light of day on consoles.