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What Type of Gamer Are You?

As a kid, I grew up in the 16-bit era. From the moment I saw Sonic the Hedgehog running through Green Hill Zone all I could talk about was the Sega Genesis and how cool it was. That Christmas, my brother and I received our first brand new game system, a Genesis model one, packaged with Sonic the Hedgehog. Every other gift that year was either a game or an accessory compatible with the Genesis. Some were great, like Mickey Mouse’s Castle of Illusion, and some were duds, like Mario Paint “competitor” Art Alive.

Is There A Cure for Gaming OCD?

For some time, I’ve been having this growing sense of pressure from the large collection of games I’ve amassed. As I continue to add more and more games to my pile of shame, I find it difficult to catch up. Add to that my streak of obsessive compulsive-like tendancies and it almost feels as though the medium I enjoy for entertainment has become a job. I have been gaming since I can remember being able to hold a controller and from day one, have been obsessed with getting higher scores or adding yet another title to my list of victories. Now with achievements and trophies to collect, there’s yet another thing to bury myself in. Perhaps I just need to get some counselling on freeing myself from the imaginary restraints I place on myself. I’m sure there’s a certain level of abnormality with the way I consume entertainment, but this long-winded explanation does have a purpose.I am curious to discover at what point we, as humans, stop allowing ourselves to merely absorb the entertainment we enjoy, and turn it into another chore or need for acomplishment. If you have any interest in this topic, please feel free to message me on here, or any other chosen form of internet communication. I’d like to here what others have to say.

Obligitory Introductory Blog Post

This is the 30th blog I’ve started on just about as many different websites. Some still exist, some have been erased and I’ve probably even lost a few along the way.  I’ve worked on many topics, but I always find myself in love with writing about games.  But I constantly struggle with what on earth to write about. It shouldn’t be very tough, seeing as I consume (gaming news, podcasts, previews, reviews), play (gaming since age 3 or so on every machine I can get my hands on), and for the past six and a half years I’ve worked in gaming retail.I’ve worked through the launch of the current generation of gaming, console and handheld. I can recall the launch of every major title since Xbox Live began nearly seven years ago. The first piece of gaming swag I remember bringing home is an ATV Offroad Fury 2 t-shirt. And I can readily discuss, educate, and argue about any aspect of gaming. But where do I go from here?What I can say about myself right now, is that I feel as if I’m at a crossroads in my gaming habits. The more hours I put in at my store and the more time I spend making life choices, the less game time I have. Over the past couple years, I can count the number of games I’ve finished on one hand. I have also become increasingly more OCD about the way I consume games. I must play series in order, to 100% completion, gaining every achievement, trophy, percentage point, or bragging right along the way. So perhaps I will begin this blog with a question.What do other gamers that feel this way think? How have your gaming habits changed? What do you do to continue to stay interested in gaming? What type of gamer do you consider yourself? Have you ever/ever wanted to work in the industry? From here, I don’t know where this will go. But let’s open the dialogue up. Again.