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Ex-GameStop Management, Pre-Gaming Enthusiast Press, Post-Game Crazy Manager, Forever Games & Comics Nerd

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What Type of Gamer Are You?

As a kid, I grew up in the 16-bit era. From the moment I saw Sonic the Hedgehog running through Green Hill Zone all I could talk about was the Sega Genesis and how cool it was. That Christmas, my brother and I received our first brand new game system, a Genesis model one, packaged with Sonic the Hedgehog. Every other gift that year was either a game or an accessory compatible with the Genesis. Some were great, like Mickey Mouse’s Castle of Illusion, and some were duds, like Mario Paint “competitor” Art Alive.

Is There A Cure for Gaming OCD?

For some time, I’ve been having this growing sense of pressure from the large collection of games I’ve amassed. As I continue to add more and more games to my pile of shame, I find it difficult to catch up. Add to that my streak of obsessive compulsive-like tendancies and it almost feels as though the medium I enjoy for entertainment has become a job.