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Chris Hoadley is a moderator for GamesBeat. A longtime staff member at, he is responsible for many community prompts and pieces on fighting games for the site and now contributes articles and reviews for this one.

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Bitmob Writing Challenge: Total Control Collected Works

Last month, I asked the community to examine the controls of their games and their effectiveness for the Total Control Bitmob Writing Challenge. Four writers submitted their takes on both classic and modern titles, and all of these pieces made the front page of the website. This is the final prompt I'm hosting for now, so put down your gamepads and check out these great entries.

I’ll face myself: The controls of Persona 4 Arena

This month’s Bitmob Writing Challenge on game controls is due by Sunday, September 30. You can read the rules here, and now I'm going to share an example piece focusing on Persona 4 Arena. Those who have grown partial to this feature over the years might want to contribute to this particular one — let’s just say, for me at least, we’ve reached the final save point.

Bitmob Writing Challenge: In The Beginning Collected Works

It’s somewhat fitting that was I was having trouble writing an introduction for a Bitmob Writing Challenge roundup about crafting five different openings for a piece. The beginning of your article sets the tone for the rest of your work, and you are only hurting yourself if you don't put any effort into it. When I read articles as part of my moderator duties on this site, I examine them from beginning to end regardless of how it starts. Few people will feel obligated to do this.

Playing with power: The strongest Street Fighter characters of the last 25 years

Not all World Warriors are created equal. The Street Fighter series may have revolutionized fighting games with its diverse cast of characters, but making sure that they all have a chance against each other is an arduous balancing act. Whenever a new game comes out, it doesn’t take long before message boards erupt with “tier lists” that attempt to rank the cast by strength.

Persona 4 Arena’s Story Mode needs to trim its word count

Fighting-game stories were once just a flimsy pretense for having a bunch of colorful people beat each other up, but now they have become a selling point. The recent Mortal Kombat reboot garnered rave reviews for its cinematic narrative that covered the folklore of the franchise's early days. Meanwhile, the 2D wizards at Arc System Works earn praise for  the lengthy narratives of its BlazBlue series. Now, it has teamed up with Atlus to make Persona 4 Arena, based off a Japanese role-playing game that already has a fully realized world.

Street Fighter X Tekken’s new challengers must save the game from itself

I remember watching the finals for the Street Fighter X Tekken tournament at Community Effort Orlando 2012, the largest fighting-game event in Florida. Unlike the most of the other competitions at the event, it wrapped up on Saturday night instead of Sunday. The indie fighter Skullgirls also ended that day, but the venue hosted the event on the main stage and kept SFXT on a smaller secondary station. At the awards ceremony organizer Alex Jebaily jokingly congratulated the eight finalists for still playing it.

Bitmob Writing Challenge: Extra Credit Collected Works

Video games and education have had a complex relationship, and I asked the Bitmob community to write about them for last month’s Bitmob Writing Challenge. These five entries cover a range of topics such as the true success of a classic “edutainment” title, what we can learn from playing puzzle games, what kids can learn from playing first-person shooters, and more. While you won’t be quizzed on these stories, they are still required reading.

Bitmob Writing Challenge (July 2012): Extra Credit

The Bitmob Writing Challenge helps both new writers and veterans come up with article ideas. While school may be out for the summer, it’s never far from the minds of people. Education plays a vital role in creating a well-informed populace, but it has had a love-hate relationship with video games in the past. So I want you to examine gaming and education from one of two perspectives: At a K-12 level and at a university level.

Indie fighting game Divekick exposed me as a fraud

While I’m nowhere near the level of the best fighting-game players in the world, I’d like to believe that I am a somewhat knowledgeable and decent competitor. I enjoy going into training mode and trying different techniques out. I wrote a four-page article about the history of Street Fighter IV. I can't dispatch players with the ease of Ricky Ortiz or break a game apart like the combo- and glitch-finding monster Desk, but being able to discuss these highly technical titles in a way that people can understand has to count for something right?

Bitmob Writing Challenge: Cartoon Opinion collected works

Ladies and gentlemen: Welcome to the results for last month’s Bitmob Writing Challenge. For the Cartoon Opinion prompt, we took a break from article writing to stretch our creative muscles in the field of political cartoons. Our community members took on Mass Effect 3’s ending, Sonic the Hedgehog’s doldrums, and more. Check out this gallery of drawings, and be sure to click on the links to show your support for our starving artists.

Street Fighter X Tekken opens the Pandora’s Box of DLC with its Gem System

Street Fighter X Tekken's controversial Gem System has overshadowed a lot of the positive things the 2-D fighter does. The tag-team battles between the two most-popular franchises in the genre are fun. The gameplay feels closer to classic fighters than Street Fighter 4 was. Aside from nagging sound and graphics issues that the developers plan to fix, the game's netcode is smoother than previous efforts. It’s a Capcom game with a tutorial.

Viewtiful Joe gives players a reason to hunt down collectables

No, you're not living in 2003 again. This is an example article for this month's Coins and Sense Bitmob Writing Challenge. We have already received several articles about video-game currency, item creation, and economies, but I wanted to demonstrate how you can think outside the box with the prompt. Instead of covering an adventure or role-playing game, I’m writing about an unconventional choice: Viewtiful Joe. For the complete rules, click here. The due date is February 29, 2012.

Bitmob Writing Challenge: Gaming Criticism collected works

I'm upset that I didn't create an example piece for last month's Bitmob Writing Challenge, which was to analyze the themes of a specific game as one would with a book, poem, song, or movie. Fortunately, that didn’t stop the Gaming Criticism challenge from becoming a huge success. Fourteen writers submitted articles that cover generations of our pastime. Read on to learn about the nihilism of Saints Row, racism in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, Christian iconography in Persona 3 FES, and much more.

Working on a dream team in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Semi-regular upgrades have once again become a way of life for fighting-game players. I regularly pay for the latest versions of today's brawlers while others sneer that the developer will just release the same thing with minute changes next year. But I had a lot of anticipation for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, even though it's not my favorite series in the genre and it's only been half a year since the original came out.

Bitmob Writing Challenge Collected Works: Levels of Shame

Every day someone endures the tragedy of a bad game. Somehow developers with good intentions commit sins like bland level design, poorly thought-out gimmicks, and frustrating boss fights. We at the Bitmob Writing Challenge asked our community to report the worst stages and bosses in a prompt called Levels of Shame. Six writers did their civic duty not to make fun of these works, but to make sure these creators learn their lesson and rejoin society in good graces. 

Street Fighter X Tekken’s Gem System is a good idea…for a game that isn’t SFXT

Street Fighter X Tekken is a dream come true for fighting-game fans: They’ll be able to play as warriors from the two most-popular franchises in the genre, create crazy tag combos, and get a power boost for taking two fireballs in the face. SFXT's newest feature is the Gem System, where you can equip your tag team with benefits like an attack boost or auto-blocking that activate if you complete certain conditions. This mechanic is similar to adding accessories to a Final Fantasy character or using perks in Call of Duty, and entries like Dragonball Z: Budokai and modes like Soul Calibur’s Weapon Master have tinkered with it.

Levels of Shame: Mega Man X6

This is the example piece for the October 2011 Bitmob Writing Challenge, called Levels of Shame. If you have been traumatized by a bad game, write about how terrible a particular level, puzzle, or boss fight is and post an article about it by October 31, 2011. You can read the rules here.

Meet the Mob: Chris Hoadley

Back when I first joined Bitmob in 2009, I wanted to wait until after I “made it” as a writer before making a Meet the Mob post. Being an on-staff moderator who has written over 70 articles certainly counts in that regard, but I still feel like have a long way to go to achieve my goals.