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Writing has become my favorite way of exercising creativity. When I’m not doing so, I’m a husband, father, student, and friend. Let’s get to know each other. Find me here on Bitmob, or on Twitter or Steam.


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Journalistic integrity from an average gamer’s perspective

Recently, one of my biggest fears came to fruition: Games journalists admitted to — and defended — promoting video games to win free stuff. I take this issue to heart, not because I'm also a games journalist, but because I'm a regular gamer who wants to trust the things I read and use that information to make decisions about which games I play. This isn't about people getting perks because they're in the industry, this is an issue of integrity.

I Total Recall’d Arkham City

I strolled through the double-doors into the mall. A few bucks and some change rattled in my pocket. The game store was empty. Not enough for the new game, Batman-something, so I strolled myself right on past. Yep, didn’t even turn back, either. No new game, who cares? I don’t need it.

For Love of the Games

A controller was plopped in my hands at a young age; I barely knew what to do. How do I…oh, push that button; but what if I…gotcha! Over twenty years later, sometimes I still wonder what I’m doing. Why haven’t I outgrown video games? Why hasn’t the culture of video games exasperated my love for them? Fan boys and trolls are annoyances, sure; it costs a ton of money to stay current, absolutely; and some games are huge disappointments, c’est la vie. Despite those, I find myself utterly enthralled with this hobby.

The Monster Hunter Influence

Monster Hunter is hugely popular in Japan, but that means very little to us. We live in the United States of America — Call of Duty isn't a bathroom joke anymore, and Halo is something we play instead of wear. Hunting dinosaurs hasn't quite penetrated the mass market here, but that doesn't mean it hasn't influenced how Capcom goes about making games.

Yakuza 3: The Real Reason Sega Cut Content

Chances are slim-to-none that you've had a run-in with a real yakuza, but that didn't stop Sega from making a game based on these mythical creatures. In order to bring the game to the United States, Sega had to cut some questionable content from Yakuza 3, their latest iteration of the game based on the aforementioned mythical creature: the yakuza.

PAX East: Swag (Pics)

Editor’s note: I used to be a big-time swag collector. I’d go to E3, snag as much I could, and then put it on eBay to recoup some of my travel costs. But that was back in the day; I'm reformed now. Here, Chris shows off some of the interesting freebies he acquired at PAX East. Nice haul! – Aaron

PAX East: A Saturday In Boston

The dreaded question popped into my head after arriving at Hynes Convention Center, the location of PAX East: did I put on my deodorant? The real person to ask would be Rich McGrath, the "developer wunderkind" of Bitmob. His words, not mine (but I do agree, killer website design). You'd ask him because he sat next to me at dinner last night, and we were all crammed at a small table, and so on.