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Why I’m not excited for the Smash Bros Wii U

Let me start off by saying as although this may be a rant, this does not mean I hate the Smash Bros. franchise. I love everything about Smash bros. as I was lucky enough to have grown up with the games. The original Smash Bros 64 was the very first game I have received for my N64. I spent countless hours with my friends playing the hell out of that game, and to this day it remains one of my favorite games. As a whole I’ve probably spent the most hours between all of the Smash games compared to any other game I have played. I love every single Smash game that has come out, and each has seemed to have improved in some way compared to its predecessor, but with the new Smash game for Wii U coming out I do not feel that this is the case.

Wii U: Want I want as a Gamer

The technology that the Wii U posses — not┬ánecessarily┬áthe hardware — could change and define gaming as we know it. What I mean by this is the way game developers choose to use the new controllers can change how a game is played and exactly what games excel on the console itself. As a gamer myself, I am very excited to see which games excel on the Wii U and to see which developer uses these controllers for advantage and don’t just port it from different consoles not embracing what the Wiii U has to offer.