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Cash For Sins: The Church Indulgence Returns In A 9Yr-Olds Kickstarter

I periodically will stumble across items that make me do a “double take,” meaning I check it and then I check it once more for good measure, because the thing I saw is hopefully not the thing I think I just saw. Sadly, sometimes it is. This is the case for a recent Kickstarter project where a seemingly supportive mother wants to help her daughter in a charming sibling rivalry against her older brothers. The mean duo of males has ridiculed the girl, stating that her gender is incapable of producing good games. Still, at just 9 years of age, the girl isn’t fazed and with help from mommy dearest, Kickstarter can come to her rescue and send her to RPG Camp, whatever that is, if they can muster the $829.

PC USB Trick – Front vs Back

I love PCs. Even though this setup is now over 6 years old and has been falling apart at the seams for over a year, I still manage to find new things every so often. Whether it’s new features I was unaware of, small tweaks I gather from research or even just new capabilities I didn’t foresee possible before; I’ve learned so much by being a PC owner. One could not say the same for consoles or many other appliances, as those usually stay quite similar in experience. I’d like to share my latest trick with you all. It’s nothing big, but it amazed me just how something so simple can make a difference.

Catherine Spends Her Birthday In Europe

It’s been a year since Atlus released their controversial game, Catherine. While only being available in Japan at the time, the story and difficulty level of Catherine gained a lot of attention quickly and a localization effort was made to bring the title to Western audiences. American regions were blessed a few months later, with the US release in July. Now, 12 months after the original, the game is finally available for European audiences. Publisher Deep Silver made the smart move of picking this up and releasing it to the Euro crowd, so let’s see how the game pans out after 1 year. Consider this a reevaluation.

Harvest Fishing a.k.a. River King: Mystic Valley | A casual pick-up

Putting the word ‘harvest’ in front of any game revolving in the slightest towards the farming culture has paid off for games in the past. Harvest Fishing tells the unlikely tale of a young boy, whose sister has fallen into a comatose sleep, even if they can still communicate. His goal is to become a worldly renowned fisherman by only using a fishing rod, instead of professional equipment. By capturing the infamous River King fish, he hopes to use his scales to wake his sister and gain stardom; but this will require loads of training. From then on, the fishing may commence ad nauseum. It’s hardly the best plot device, but then again, what ever is?

Sengoku Giveaway Contest

Sengoku, a feudal Japan war game from Paradox Interactive, whom also created great titles like Europa Universalis III and Magicka. Well, if you like oriental things, war and a side of humor, then we got you covered. For a chance to win a copy of the game, simply follow the link by clicking the picture. It's so spam and virus free, it's being tested as a clinical aid.


Samurai Shodown is only one of many fighters in the Neo Geo line-up, but there is one thing that it does different. Set In feudal Japan, the authentic settings of yore get accompanied by characters wearing the appropriate kimonos and such. More important than this genuine presentation both in appearance and traditional sound, the game is also a pioneer in the use of weaponry.  Its anime appearance would later be an inspiration to modern, 2D, scrolling fighters such as BlazBlue and Marvel Vs Capcom.

Total Overdose – With a B for Burrito, AY AY AY!

Come here, hombre and leave the sombrero. You know what? Keep the sombrero, because it’s about to get muy caliente up in here…ese. To be perfectly honest, most of this review should continue this way; with salsa and tequila poured over every phrase. That’s because Total Overdose is one of the most fitting titles in game history, by going completely overboard in its Latin debauchery and everything else for that matter.

COMIC: Socialism or Capitalism?

There is a certain redeeming quality to having to play Civilization V on a completely decrepit, ancient PC. During turns, it takes the bedazzled adding machine about 10 minutes to process all the other players moves, meaning there’s a lot of downtime. Of course, at first, you spend your time looking at the screen like an addicted idiot, but somewhere down the line you realize you’re wasting your life…more than usual.  So, after doing lots of productive stuff I won’t bore you about, I went back to the drawing board for a second comic.

Steam Wants Me In The Poorhouse

It's official! My first purchase through Steam has finally clamored my descent into absolute destitution. Being able to purchase things at the drop of a (TF2 reference) hat is by far the worst idea ever for consumers. And I mean that only in the sense that our sense of fickle consumerism makes us buy much more than we need. Cue my newest additions.

Canceled & Forgotten Game Glory

Over the decades that we now are able to enjoy video games, there have been countless releases with an even more insurmountable number of fans. For eight generations, there have been good and bad games by the hundreds, to come out each time we needed a virtual fix. And even though some, like Duke Nukem Forever (in production), seemed like they would never see the day, there are also a fair share of great ideas that never made it through. Today, we honor these victims of mismanaged budgets, overly ambitious visionaries, prudent skeptics and other lost causes in the dog-eat-dog game industry. Note that due to the rarity of some material, this editorial will be laced with outside sources. My humble thanks to the online communities such as Youtube, for hunting down these gems and not letting them wither away. Here are the top 5 cancelled (or lost) games throughout the decades:

SUPER SIDEKICKS – Neo Geo Station Review | Gooooooooal!

Back in the ‘90s, arcades were filled to the brim with brightly colored lights and teens, both making equally loud noises. The cacophony of sound ranged from explosions, fighting screams, crazy gun games, racers and most of all soccer games. Especially in Europe it was all the soccer booths that had the most prominent spot, loudest sound and biggest appeal, even over fighter games. It’s rather strange that this European glory was mostly dominated by Shin Nihon Kikaku or SNK, a Japanese developer.

You Don’t Know Jack! TWICE!

Rare are the men called Cookie; heck, even the women with that name have only been seen in fluorescent lighting whilst enjoying a career in ‘exotic’ dancing. But as the quizmaster in the trivia party game You Don’t Know Jack, Cookie Masterson is your go-to guy throughout the entirety of gameplay.

Plants Vs Zombies DS – SPUDOW!

In the good old ‘zombies equals gold’ scenario, we see many games come and go that simply use brain munchers as a plot device. PopCap Games does pretty much the same thing in their colorful tower defense game Plants Vs Zombies, but does manage to squeeze in much needed variety throughout its whole.

CNN Says “3DS: No Match For iPhone”

Oh CNN, we have no idea if you’re trying to gap the generations that never tune into your channel or if you’re just doing a Wall Street version of trolling. But what is certain is that you have no real idea how a major, multi-billion industry such as gaming works. Yes, you see the financial potential full well, which is probably why we suddenly have your attention. But as far as actual knowledge goes, you seem to be stuck a mere decade or three away.

DARKSPORE – Preview | Needs More Hype

The universe of Darkspore has seen genetic manipulation grow severely out of hand. At first, Crogenitors scientists were content with creating the ultimate army of genetically superior creatures, known as Living Weapons. But then they discovered Exponential DNA; a substance so powerful, it could alter and perfect normal DNA at enormous speeds; making evolution seem like a joke. But as all tampering with nature goes, it would be soon enough that Living Weapons crafted with this E-DNA took a turn for the worst. As the E-DNA was very unstable, it began mutating out of the control of the scientists and soon, the beasts affected turned into Darkspore.

APOX Upon Your Review!

And it all started with an idea. That’s what APOX's epitaph will read one day, long after everyone has forgotten about it.  As modern warfare is a crowded theme to say the least, it’s not easy to pick either a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) or a First Person Shooter (FPS) in that genre, which you can make stand out of the crowd. Therefore, Indian developer Bluegiant Interactive thought to blend these two things into one and set you in some sort of post-apocalyptic world straight out of Mad Max, but without Looney Tunes Mel.

AbracadabrAARGH! – Magicka Review (PC)

Paradox Interactive is mostly known for their work on very serious and complex strategy games in line of Europa Universalis, where you take on the role of a dictator and manage an empire with your vast knowledge. This is no laughing matter, as there are treaties to sign, research to be done and more very stern tasks. Magicka is not one of these games.

Coming In 3 Laps Late: Super Mario Kart Review

What can be said about Super Mario Kart that most of us don't know already? I'd think very little; everybody knows this is a quality title. From small to big and young to old, the whole world knows Mario Kart and the quality it stands for. And that quality stands for dozens of hours in gameplay fun. That's why this review will mostly concentrate on the minor points that are lesser known from this crown jewel.

Comic: Leap Of Faith

It's time for morbidity and humor: In an attempt to act like Wednesday's funeral wasn't real, I spent all my time and attention to complete my very first web comic ever Tuesday. The final drawing is a bit more crude than the original sketches, but I had to redraw the entirety, as my scanner is dead also. Drawing things with a mouse isn't easy, so the result is still good for a first ever thing. It was inspired by my recent attempt to replay Super Mario Bros in celebration of his 25th anniversary. Enjoy Mario's Leap Of Faith:

Debate: Where Does Violence Lay? – The Video Game Stigma

I'm sure you're all aware that recently video games have been under a certain amount of criticism. It's even been targeted to such extent, that the Supreme Court had to bow their heads over the matter, after the California law had been shot down in all other courts. The subject was handled much the same in all instances: Even though some games might be "ultra-violent," it's hard to differentiate them from any other media in the past. From books, fairy tales and comics to films, cartoons, tv shows, but even music; every new media sometimes pushes buttons of decency and that upsets a certain amount of people. But even within this arguable debate of deplorable behavior, denying people the right to express themselves would demand a serious alteration of the First amendment, which entails freedom of speech, amongst others.


[Editor's Note: I recently started looking into Independant Developers. After doing some research, I found a developer who was busy creating a Fable demake. The love of both genres compelled me to do an interview, to which he agreed. This is about 75% of that interview.]

HD: Horrid Duplicate or Handy Design? – PART 1

High Definition has already set in a while ago. Most people love the addition of watching things in advanced resolutions and that's all dandy for them. Movies have long since picked up on the matter and started releasing their work, or rereleasing it even, to be viewed in this circumstance. Again, it's an understandable move. Movies have a key feature in how their visuals come across and thus updating this illustration enhances the whole experience. But now games have also come into the trend of rereleasing their work with a shiny HD sticker. This is a somewhat lesser understandable move.

PREVIEW: Victoria II Demo

Victoria II calls itself a grand strategy game, based in the early 19th century at the dawn of modern times. Starting from 1836, you’ll lead a nation through absolutism and into innovation. Set in the beginning of the industrial boom of the world, you’ll be releasing your old ideas to make room for new machines. You’ll also take a hand at expanding your horizons and colonizing the world. Your main goal in the game is to become the most powerful Greater Nation on the planet, towering above all.

Ys Seven Coding Grievance

Author's note: This was sent today at 9:35 AM, GMT+1 time. The address was taken out for privacy reasons. Otherwise, this mail was actually sent towards in this entirety with the title "Ys Seven Gripe.", with minor adjustments to fit editorial purposes. Feel free to follow up on that example, if you agree with the statements below. Thank you.

The Legend Of Prince Valiant!

Developer Ocean once was a powerhouse that grabbed any brand it could as fast as possible. Like EA in the present day, they burst out game after game, but with quite a low success rate. Hell, these are the guys that not only had faith in the Waterworld franchise, but were so confident they brought it out on Virtual Boy. Luckily, they also produced such cIassics as Worms, Road Rash and Syndicate, so it's not all bad. The Legend of Prince Valiant is yet such a franchise that scored some popularity with its cartoon series in the early 90's.That's reason enough to spit out a Gameboy game for it.