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Four new revelations from BioShock Infinite’s Collector’s Editions

We've been fairly in the dark about Irrational Games' newest release since they went underground to finish it up back in March 2012. However, new news (that isn't employee layoffs) is now beginning to trickle out. Later this weekend we'll see the first trailer in many months (countdown here) and just today the Premium and Ultimate Songbird editions of the game were announced.

The Top 7 New Franchises Of This Console Generation

When you bring up the topic of video games in conversation there’s a good chance that your friends will conjure up images of Mario, Link, Samus, Sonic, and Tetris.  These storied franchises are embedded in our very core as gamers and are often the reason that we remain gamers to this day. As our hobby continues to evolve, both in terms of hardware and software, our favorite franchises add new iterations to each console generation.  For example, the Mario brand has seen innovative updates across multiple home-based and handheld console generations for over 20 years!

Criminals deserve blame for the PSN debacle

The recent shutdown of the PlayStation Network has evolved into one of the biggest fiascos in gaming history, on par with Microsoft’s notorious Red Ring of Death. Microsoft initially set aside $1.1 billion to correct their mistake (and probably ended up spending much more), but this recent disaster has some experts estimating that Sony will spend up to $24 billion. That’s going to be a hard number for them to swallow.