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Rethinking social games (Part 1)

Social games are usually working on standardized formulas which longevity right now seems way more questionable than what it were years before, when loads of reiterative patterns and blueprints were copied (successfully or not) using every single feature that was making competence’s stats grow in charts significantly higher. New times may usually demand changes, and thus may be inspired by applying available techniques to create more richer, powerful, energizing, meaningful and substantially more emotionally connected social games.

The recipe for Dragon City

Dragon City is SocialPoint’s most renowned game, and since its release date, it has been a dominant stakeholder inside the social games environment. Why? It uses a formula based on the well-known farm games but adds a dynamic component of gathering and collecting units for fighting later (with more than 200 now). Inside the first part of the recipe, we tackle the pure game side of Dragon City, with how the different features are applied to game flow, gameplay, and dynamics. In the second part, we focus on social interactions, retention, and monetization tricks and formulas.