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I’m a journalism major at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Needless to say I love writing especially about video games and the industry as a whole.

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stories by Ryan Espinoza

The voice change: Snake’s downfall

During Konami’s pre-e3 conference, Hideo Kojima confirmed that Snake would indeed be given a new voice actor with Kiefer Sutherland replaced David Hayter. This decision is absolutely necessary in terms of the character of Snake and the path that Kojima intends to take the series in the future.

Xbox One: One Step in the Wrong Direction

Microsoft unveiled the next generation Xbox, the Xbox One, Tuesday in Redmond, Wash. to a tent full of journalists, planted Microsoft cheerers, and to the world via livestreams. The world awaited for Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s Playstation 4 reveal but certain rumors about always-online connectivity and no used games set a dark cloud over the entire event. Instead of subsiding these fears, however, Microsoft reinforced them by confirming daily-online connectivity, used game fees, a focus on television and sports, and having no games showcased other than EA sports titles and Call of Duty: Ghosts.  It became instantly clear that the Xbox One is not only forgetting to keep the wants of the core game enthusiast in mind, it’s leading the industry on a path that will hurt the consumer and the video game market as a whole.

Review: ZombiU

I never thought much about ZombiU prior to the launch of the Wii U.  It just seemed like another generic Zombie “survival/horror” FPS except with fancy Wii U controls.  In fact, I hadn’t even bothered to play the game until a month after launch.  At first I thought it was due to me being preoccupied with other Wii U games like New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land. Looking back now, what kept me hesitant was that I saw a lot of Red Steel, Ubisoft’s launch title for the Wii, in the release of ZombiU.