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Forza Horizon enables me to dream

I had some pretty ambitious fantasies growing up. Building a fortress, flying a spaceship, and getting bit by a radioactive spider, to name a few. All the cartoons, video games, and movies I enjoyed probably fueled those thoughts. If my younger self played Halo 4, he’d daydream about becoming a Master Chief-like Spartan.

Dark Souls teaches players the value of money

From Software’s Dark Souls punishes people like no other title. The action-role-playing game makes players fight for everything they acquire and then takes all those resources away the minute they screw up. Through struggle, frustration, and death, gamers will learn to appreciate the game’s primary asset — not only for its monetary value but its value as a learning tool.

Don’t blame the industry — blame gamers

When gamers start ranting in forums and website comment sections, they spare almost no one. They make the same war cries every time: The media is too easy on the industry; publishers are milking the same old franchises in every way they can; and greedy retailers and digital-rights management (DRM) are killing the secondary market. Everyone except the "hardcore" are to blame.

Super Mario 3D Land Review

I’m going to get this out the way and say that I’m not a Super Mario Bros fan.  In fact, I only like Mario when he’s racing, partying, playing tennis, or saving the day in some kind of 3D environment that doesn’t limit him to jumping from left to right.  Something about the slight slipperiness in platformers has always frustrated me to the point of generally avoiding them unless I only have a few minutes to spare.

Imaginative vs. competitive: How kids and adults game differently

I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten older I don’t play games solely for fun anymore. On the first playthrough, I consider the story and ending a reward. If there are no unlockables or Achievements that I want, I usually won’t play the single-player mode more than once. I've encountered a few exceptions, but I typically don’t find myself replaying longer games for fun. And isn’t having fun the point of any hobby?