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It’s come to this: Why I’m suing Sony

Sony will always hold a special place in my heart. I've supported them ever since I was able to spend my own money. When I needed to buy a gadget, Sony was the first stop. I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars over the years on their products, and I have had nothing but positive experiences. I've also owned every one of their game consoles…including three PlayStation's, three PlayStation 2's, four PSP's, and two PlayStation 3's. And like I said, I've never had a problem. Until I bought the PS Vita.

A night with the Necromorphs: Gaming with a sleep disorder

You just turned the television off after a few hours of sawing Necromorphs in half. Satisfied, you turn off the light and get comfortable on your favorite spot in bed. You run through the previous day as your mind remembers the good and the bad: the funny joke you told to friends, the massive headache that three Advil couldn't cure, and the 200 Necromorphs you just finished de-limbing. All is well, and you fall asleep.

EA vs. Gamers

When I was young I would never trade any of my games into any store that would accept them. I simply did not need the money. If I wanted a game I would ask for it for my birthday or put it on my Christmas list. I would borrow some from friends and save up my allowance for the rest. I couldn't even imagine taking my beloved collection and giving it to strangers who would then sell it to other strangers. My games in someone else's house, someone I did not know, just seemed a bit odd to me.

Shut Up and Play Metro 2033 Already

I am not an unusual gamer. Actually, I am rather bland. I am not one of those gamers who goes on message boards and defends a critically panned title to the death, nor do I usually disagree with the large majority of opinions. It is simple economics. If a game is bad, I won't buy it. If a game is good, chances are I will purchase it. However, sometimes it is hard to tell wether or not a game is worthy of my money. I can read as many reviews as I want, but having to justify my decision on the opinions of a perfect stranger seems…odd. This is why I never make a decision based on a review, and the only true way to tell if a game is going to hit that sweet spot is to jump right in and check it out.

My iPod Touch Is Lying To Me

Seeing the App Store for the first time could be a bit overwhelming. Literally thousands of games will be jumping for the chance to entice you. Knowing the competition if fierce, developers have to get creative and even downright nefarious in order to grab your attention. It wasn't always like that, though. There was a time when the App Store seemed like a perfectly safe place to explore and find new experiences. Lately, however, the waters have changed. Everyone wants a piece of the pie and the only way to get it must be to deceive you or risk loosing their investments.

The Industry is Changing, and I’m Scared

One of the worst feelings a person can have, in my personal opinion, is that of helplessness. Being completely powerless over something and seeing absolutely no way to change it. It feels awful, and because of that, I will try my hardest to avoid experiencing it as much as I can. Sometimes though, I just can not avoid it, and recently I have had to come to terms with it and accept that I am powerless over the direction the gaming industry is taking. I realized that I must really love this industry to get so worked up about it. It is completely true, I really do love it. So you can understand how hard it has been to watch something you love turn it’s back on you. Some may scoff at this, but watching this industry alienate the Hardcore Gamers in favor of Casual Gamers is tearing me apart, and I need to vent on the subject. Here is my plea to the industry.

Real Gamers vs.

We’ve all been called one. Maybe we even did the finger pointing ourselves. No matter the circumstance, at one point in our gaming careers, we have been called a “Fanboy”. I personally have lost count of how many times I was accused of pledging allegiance to only one brand. Whether I was defending the PS3, or condemning Microsoft’s greedy tactics, I have been donning the Fanboy cap everywhere I go. We all know that everything has it’s fans. From sports and music, to cars and cell phones. Fanboys, though, are a completely different beast. Normally I wouldn’t even pay attention to what a Mountain Dew fueled preteen thought of my gaming preferences, but calling me a fanboy is an insult I take very seriously, because fanboys are not real gamers, and it is time everyone admitted that to themselves.