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My name is Cassie Gotto, and I’m a young aspiring video game journalist. I have been a gamer since I was handed down my cousin’s NES Toploader when I was five years old. Writing about video games is one of my favorite things to do, and I would love to spend my life doing it. I run a blog about games with my fiancé at

When I’m not writing or playing games, I really enjoy drawing and painting. Video games inspire me to create art that makes me happy, and I hope that others enjoy my work. To visit my Etsy shop, go to

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Are Online Multiplayer Achievements Really Necessary?

I’m a single player gal; always have been, probably always will be. I can count on one hand the number of online multiplayer experiences I have had that I have actually enjoyed. I’ve just never understood the appeal of online multiplayer games. When I do play online, I either get hit on by creeps, called fat, asked why I’m not in the kitchen…you get the idea. Now that you know my stance on online multiplayer in general, I can get to my actual point.

The Last of Us: Left Behind review

Left Behind reminded me why I loved The Last of Us so much. It was easily my favorite game of 2013, and possibly my favorite game of all time. When the first and final single-player DLC, Left Behind, was announced, I couldn’t wait to jump back into the incredible world that Naughty Dog created.

Why was Flappy Bird so popular?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ve heard all about Dong Nguyen’s viral mobile game, Flappy Bird. You’ve probably also heard that he took it down after it became “too addictive.” But why is it exactly that a simple game like Flappy Bird became so popular?

Super Mario 3D World review

When Super Mario 3D World was announced at E3 this year, I was thrilled. After all, my Wii U, which I purchased on launch day, was begging for something new to play. Since I felt that Super Mario Galaxy was the greatest Mario game on the Wii, I had high hopes for 3D World on the Wii U, considering the Galaxy team was behind it.

PlayStation 4: First impressions

I didn’t get my PlayStation 3 until 2010, so I thought I wasn’t ready for the next generation just yet. And, to be fair, I am still very happy with my PS3 and I think it has a lot of life left. But, when I played the PlayStation 4 for the first time and held that amazing new controller in my hands, I knew I made the right decision purchasing a PlayStation 4 at launch.

Top 20 games of this console generation

With the next console generation coming up quick, it’s natural to start thinking about all of the great games that were released during this extraordinarily long console generation. Because this console generation spanned eight years, it’s easy to forget about some of the gems were released a few years back. I have chosen 20 games that I feel were the best this generation had to offer.

Should children be allowed to play “Mature” games? Let them decide

Video games today are much different from the way they were when my parents were growing up. Long gone are the days of Pong and Super Mario Bros. where everything was happy-go-lucky and innocent. Some games today are a lot like movies, and that means lots of violence, sex, and language. As a society, do we think it’s morally acceptable to let our children play Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, and other games of the like?

My favorite female video game characters

In video games today, it’s all too common that the female characters are created with the purpose of being eye candy for players, and not created to be real women who gamers can look up to. However, a lot of developers have taken notice of this and created memorable female characters that all women can look up to. Here are a few of my favorites.

Gone Home review

Recently, I had been looking for a new game to play; something different from anything I had ever played before. I heard about an indie title called Gone Home while perusing Twitter. I saw lots of people talking about how it was a “must play” for anyone who enjoys games. My incredibly kind fiancee gifted it to me on Steam, so I had no excuse not to play it.

It’s not a race: Slow down and enjoy your games

With so many games coming out each month, it is hard to find the time to play games. Most people my age work part and even full-time and also go to college. Getting older means more responsibilities, and less time for games. It is really tempting to just rush through the campaign of a game in order to have time for a new game, but take it from me: you’ll get a much better experience if you slow down and enjoy every moment.

“Well, it was good when I was a kid…” How nostalgia affects our opinions of games

I plug in my NES Toploader, caving to the craving to play one of my childhood favorites. Once the game starts up, usually after blowing in the cartridge a few times, I freak out when I see the start screen and hear the brilliant 8-bit music. Then, I start to play. I’m flooded with memories from my childhood. But, after a few minutes, I realize something: this game is terrible.