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Diaries of a Street Fighter Addict: “Lather, Rinse, Hadoken, Repeat!”

Fighting games are a genre of possibilities. The fact that each player has the ability to choose from myriad of fighters, all with their own personalities, traits, tricks and weaknesses says a lot about the genre as a whole. In a game like Street Fighter 4, in which the player has over 35 fighters to make their own it can also seem like the match-up combinations are endless and surprising every time.

Beating the Dead Horse: Stop the Re-releases!

"Game of the Year" was an achievement that, at one time, had a real meaning. Starting with PC titles, these special re-releases for those rare games that could be deemed worthy was considered a victory lap for game in question. Specifically, in a time when online patches were not  the quick fix that they are today, Game of the Year releases would usually have much needed fixes, patches and updates that the user base often had to pass along themselves.

Anonymous and the Case of the Hypocritical Hive Mind

Lately a word has been on the lips and minds of Playstation owners and minor league writers such as myself. We don't want to talk about this word, however. The reprecussions of doing so would in the minds of many be the digital equivilant of poking a bear with a stick and shaking your meat-covered rear at the giant beast in jest. So, we whom wish to speak our mind sit and seeth, unable to feel like we have any power.

10 things I hate about DLC and digital distribution

I am Will Harrison, your liaison into the world of what irritates this week as we delve into the top 10 things that I despise or dislike about downloadable content (DLC) and digitally distributed games. I would like to make a note ahead of time that — much in the style of my literary and comedic hero George Carlin — I must ask that you not take everything I say here as my full beliefs and the truth. After all, nobody can be this sour as to have something to complain about every week. Truth be told, I am a happy individual with a wonderful life; however, I have no qualms about playing devil’s advocate and pointing out what needs to be said.

Nintendo Wii and the great platforming revival

Today's most popular games involve shooting, explosions, and heavy weaponry. But those of us that got our feet wet in the wading pools of '90s gaming think of a very different stereotype. Jumping frantically, earning extra lives, and screaming at our on-screen avatar — whether a plumber, a hedgehog, or a bald caveman — are our fond memories.

Learning the ropes of online play in Street Fighter 4

Jumping into the realm of playing your favorite game online can often be a daunting, soul-crushing task. After all, by making the leap to the worldwide platform of Internet play, you are leaving your comfortable bubble of safety where you can proclaim yourself to be the best Unreal Tournament contestant ever without anyone really knowing that you compete against bots.

Banging Allistair: A “My Girlfriend Playing Dragon Age” Story

On my travels to the wild northwest of Ohio that is Toledo, I found myself in an extremely hot shower, eyes closed and attempting to shake off the drudges that come along with a night sleep. I could feel the light coming in through the window has mid morning pulled through and my seemingly fugue state washed down the drain along with the steaming hot pellets of water that rained down.

The (Impending) Death of PC Gaming

As a kid in the 1990s I was fascinated with the widespread acceptability of the desktop computer. With the early days of the internet and the ever-increasing power of computer hardware, it was easy to be thrilled at the prospect of the new wonder machine that was promised to change all of our lives. The idea of a home computer was exciting to me at that age and often I could be entertained by nothing more than the word processor or MS Paint program.

The Gaming Industry Agenda: Killing The Young Gamer In Us All

Think back to a time before metareviews, arguments about games not  being art, and whether or not Heavy Rain sucked (which, it did). Look  inside your mind's eye to an era when gaming wasn't a socially chained  community of people, complaining to their heart's content about how  everything is terrible and how much they hate the critics who tell us  just how terrible said games are. most important of all, remember that  time in your life when you lit up inside, internally shouting "Ooh!"  when you felt like a smart consumer at such a young age (and suddenly,  when saving money for things later on starts to make sense to you).

“Next Time, On…”: Episodic DLC and You

Everyone loves a good cliffhanger. This must be true as it’s the basis for most television series, and the reason why sequels are made to the more popular film and gaming franchises. We as consumers of content are never satisfied with the small glimpses into the worlds of fiction that we get from the cinema, fictional books, and (more importantly to the readers of this site) games that we digest on a regular basis. We have an urge to find out what is next. We can’t leave well enough alone.

The Trophy Hunt: Super Street Fighter IV

Lately I have begun to realize just how much better of a gaming experience I have (in terms of sheer enjoyment) thanks to achievements and trophies. At first glance, one could assume that trophies are nothing more than a ploy to squeeze as much replayability from a title as possible with the least amount of effort. But, from the ashes of this particular conspiracy theory rises a new way to progressively get yourself back into a game you may have given up on or gotten bored of.