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Military brat, Gamestop Employee, College Student; I am all these things and slightly, very slightly, more. I am currently a Journalism and Broadcast Communications student who hopes to write interesting and unique articles about the entertainment industry.

Location:Picayune, Mississippi

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Sharing Is Caring

Let me start by saying I LOVE gamers. They are (generally) a uniquely creative brand of people who truly get into the art of video games and if I had it my way I would personally thank every hardcore nerd out there for helping further the industry. That being said, I feel the need to discuss my biggest qualm with them: their lack of true community.

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone

You can really tell what crowd a person runs in by how they define the word “Party.” Some think of drug filled raves while even more thinks of quaint social gathering between peers. Me? I think of games. Some of the most hilarious and entertaining moments of my life have been spent in a party in a great video game. It is my opinion that any action can be enjoyed to a higher degree when you are surrounded by people who enjoy it as well. And, lets be honest, why sit around with friends discussing wine when you can destroy an armored car with  a RPG?!