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Louis Garcia has one mission in life: break into video game journalism. On his path to the ultimate job, Louis has written for a newspaper on an island in Alaska, one in Wisconsin, and various websites including,, and He was once bitten by a sea lion as he tried to get a photo of it with a Mega Man Servbot in the frame. Unfortunately, he did not transform into a superhero.

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A chat with the man behind The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses

Fans love the epic, emotionally charged music from The Legend of Zelda role-playing franchise. I recently chatted with Jason Michael Paul, creator of The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses live-concert series, to ask him what makes Zelda's music so special, what his dream project would be, and what the future might hold for video game music concerts.

Does the PlayStation Vita mark the end of traditional handheld gaming?

Electronic Gaming Monthly once tested the hardiness of a Game Boy Advance by sticking it in a toilet and flushing it. The system came back to life days later and was named Jesus. Handheld systems have come a long way since then, but many gamers and critics claim the traditional tote-wherever-you-go consoles from Nintendo and Sony are dying, and that smartphones will lead the handheld gaming way with no Second Coming in sight for the Japanese developers.

Angry Birds is the next Super Mario Bros.

Just last week, I interviewed a high-school girl in a small Wisconsin town for a newspaper story. She was wearing an Angry Birds winter hat. My brother sneaks off to the bathroom at work to play Angry Birds on his iPhone. Whitney Cummings pretended to play the game during an episode of her new TV show (Whitney).

Video game features and power-ups I wish existed in our world

Back when I used to play a lot of role-playing games one thought would pop into my head after certain things in life didn't go my way: I can just go back and reload an old save. I would quickly realize I was playing too much Xenogears and that I can't go back in time so my mother wouldn't be mad at me for not cleaning the cat's litter box. But what if we could have video game features and power-ups in the real world? Here's a list of five of the ones I'd like to have if we could.

How my friend proved that Super Mario World is the best SNES game

A friend of mine turned 20 in July, and while I was driving around the state of Wisconsin (for just under 400 miles) looking for a working copy of Yoshi's Island and Super Mario Kart for her birthday, I realized something: On August 23 (or some date roughly around then according to conflicting sources on Wikipedia), the Super Nintendo turns 20 years old, too. Quite the sobering thought if you've been a gamer for a while.

Review: Dragon Age 2 — Legacy DLC

Dragon Age downloadable content hasn't been as complete as BioShock 2's with Minerva's Den, nor has it added as much to the characters and world as BioWare's very own Mass Effect 2 DLC with the Shadow Broker chapter, which reunited old characters and set up game changing possibilities for the sequel.

Student game development: The story of six college undergrads in England

Roughly nine months. That's the amount of time it takes for a woman to give birth to another life. For a group of six students, this is how long it takes to develop a video game. In those nine months, the team has come to care for their project, Velisia: A Traitor's Legacy, about as much as a mother and father could for an unborn baby. And much like child care, a lot of hard work, preparation, and stress was involved.

Review: Dragon Age 2

Garrett Hawke: Warrior, mage protector and all around good guy who happens to like romancing two women at once. This is the character I experienced Dragon Age 2 with, a game that does the Dragon Age series proud — even if it isn’t as good as Dragon Age: Origins.

A top five list: The best video game websites

It wasn’t too tough for me to pick out the top five video game websites I enjoy. I actually don’t care much for websites covering one of my favorite hobbies, and never have. I’m a print man through and through, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy news, features, reviews and the plethora of other gaming information being just a mouse click and Internet connection away — in fact, it’s quite handy. So, without further ado, here are the best websites you should be clicking on.

Top 10 indie games of 2010

I played more indie games last year than I ever had before. It was a good year for them; we saw a lot of unique and great titles containing everything from creepy treks through a place between heaven and hell, and a zombie game where your only weapon is a soccer ball. The 10 indie titles on this list are the ones that really stuck out for me, and the ones that deserve another round of recognition.

Developer Spotlight: Tribetoy

Created by three industry veterans who have worked on Lord of the Rings Online, Chu’s Dynasty is just the beginning of a world the indie developers want to immerse gamers in. Tribetoy's Camille Chu fills us in on how the game came to be and how all their hard work paid off in the end.

Interview: David Addis on Miasma: Citizens of Free Thought And Going Indie

David Addis worked on the Burnout and Fable series, but now he's gone indie with ESP Games and the turn-based strategy title Miasma: Citizens of Free Thought (available on Xbox Live Indie Games). I recently interviewed Addis via email to talk about the inspiration behind Miasma, and what it's like to leave a big developer and strike off on your own.

Gaming on the Frontier: The Ups and Downs of Living in Alaska

Recently, I graduated from UW Oshkosh and spent time job hunting during the summer months in between games of soccer with old high school buddies. After an interview with Game Informer — located just three hours west of my tiny Wisconsin town — left me with a missed opportunity in my journey to become a video game journalist, I received a call back from the Kodiak Daily Mirror.