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Louis Garcia has one mission in life: break into video game journalism. On his path to the ultimate job, Louis has written for a newspaper on an island in Alaska, one in Wisconsin, and various websites including,, and He was once bitten by a sea lion as he tried to get a photo of it with a Mega Man Servbot in the frame. Unfortunately, he did not transform into a superhero.

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It Begins: The Indie Games Winter Uprising

What's an Indie Games Winter Uprising, you may be wondering. Well, it's a flurry of quality Xbox Live Indie Games worth your space bucks, which kicked off with the release of Epic Dungeon on Tuesday and doesn't stop until another dozen or so games come out over the first week of December. Keep reading to see what some of XBLIG’s premiere developers have in store for you!

Indie Developers on How to Fix Xbox Live Indie Games

Indie titles enjoy a higher mindshare now than ever before, and yet gamers continue to overlook dozens of fantastic games (along with just plain old good ones). As a lover and supporter of the indie scene, I'd like to see Xbox Live Indie Games do a better job of giving these titles the exposure they deserve. And I'm not the only one — I also asked a number of XBLIG developers for their own ideas to improve the platform.

Interview: Xseed Translator Tom Lipschultz

Tom Lipschultz is Xseed’s resident translator for the Japanese developer Falcom, makers of the Ys RPG series, and the newest addition to their localization team. I had a chance to chat with him about what it’s like to localize niche role-playing games, how to get a career in making sure a video game never has a line of text that reads “All your base are belong to us,” and more.

Review: FIFA 2011 (Wii)

I haven’t enjoyed a FIFA game this much since the GameCube days. I’ve kept up with the series since then, but have always found it lacking when it came to gameplay. And honestly, FIFA 2011 for Wii plays more like a Major League Soccer side on the pitch than an English Premier League team, but it has a new addition this year that makes it quite addicting: street soccer.