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Graphic artist | Video game adventurer | Movie buff | Podcast person

Currently writes for K-Zone Philippines due to his strong ties with J-RPGs, Japanese games, and Personas. He also loves wearing jackets, even on a tropical country.


stories by Guiseppi Protacio

The Dark Knight Rises x Yoshitaka Amano (Final Fantasy artist)

Decided to be extra productive during one snowy evening and thought like “hey, wouldn’t it be cool to create a fan-made teaser-like poster of The Dark Knight Rises using (famed Japanese illustrator) Yoshitaka Amano‘s artwork?”. After all — he did draw the Bat (as well as Superman) a couple of years ago, and I thought it would be awesome to use that along with some of his pieces to “form” other characters such as Bane and Selina Kyle. Well, look-alikes to be more precise.

Square wants me to purchase a 3DS: Kingdom Hearts 3D Jump Festa 2011 Trailer

Fans who have been following the Kingdom Hearts series since its incarnation should seriously check out this colossal, 8 minute trailer featuring a lot of familiar faces, as well as some gameplay samplings here and there. Those familiar faces, by the way, are mostly the hip kids from The World Ends With You; arguably the only Tetsuya Nomura-related game that’s currently out there (in North America at least) which deserves every attention.