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I am an experienced writer and gamer with the ability to conceptualize and learn extremely quickly. I am able to speak with people from varying aspects of life and/or interests as I, myself, have many interests and hobbies that I dig deeply into. I am aimming to serve as both an honest and educated user voice for gaming and tech companies to go to for testing and/or feedback on products before release as well as a bridge between gamers/users and the companies that release the products. I also aim to expand upon the knowledge I already possess in game development on both hardware and software fronts as to help with the development of IP and with additions to previously established ones. Aside from gaming journalism, I have done testing for both video game hardware and software. I have many ideas (some new, others aspects from the past that can be renewed) to help gaming evolve as a medium that holds onto its roots, while encompassing other mediums/fields simultaneously.

Location:Chicago, IL

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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars demo impressions

Before playing the demo, I honestly was not completely sure what to expect of Conception II.  I have never played the first one (which was release on the PSP and with no English version).  I had received emails from Atlus informing me of the demo’s release date and containing videos introducing the characters.  I liked the art style and the music.  I then went to the official Atlus site for the game and saw the explanation of the combat and the party system.  It didn’t really all click until I got my hands on the 3DS demo that went live this afternoon.  I literally spent HOURS playing it.  Needless to say, I am completely convinced that Conception II will be an amazing game.  So much so that I am pre-ordering my 3DS copy in the mourning.  So, what was so good?