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I’ve been playing games since 1988 or so, and writing about them for just as long (though my third grade musings are no longer available for public viewing). I love old games and new ones too, and you can read what I think about stuff all over the Internet. I’ve freelanced for GameSpot, GamesRadar, Joystiq, and numerous other fine sites, and I also run a game site of my own (HonestGamers). When I’m not playing games or writing about them, I’m usually writing fantasy and science fiction or kicking back and watching stuff on Netflix. You might call me a nerd. I don’t see the sun much.

Location:Coastal Oregon

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Selling your game to the Wii core gamer: a 5-step plan

Recently, much has been made of Wii’s expanding audience and the obstacles that face publishers who attempt to sell core games to that consumer group. A few company spokespeople have recently gone on record with comments that blame a variety of factors for sluggish sales performance. There’s some truth in those comments, but the ultimate conclusion (that Wii’s audience doesn’t care for core games), is troubling.