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The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Review

The Witcher series, as many know, is ultimately a PC game. With this fact in mind I was weary picking this game up for the Xbox 360, but not having a competent PC, I had little choice. It is a choice that I do not regret, for this port is just as excellent as the PC version. With refinements and extra gameplay this port does good by the original, and the series as a whole

Spelunky is as Devious as it is Addicting

You have traversed two levels of the cavern, you have full health and a shotgun. Just as you are getting to the exit you notice a golden idol. Knowing it could be worth thousands you venture to pick it up. Once it's in your hands you feel a rumbling, two seconds later a boulder comes hurdling at you from above. Splat, you die. That is the type of game that, the former PC exclusive, Spelunky is, a truly unforgiving game.

Community Discussion: Your favorite video game music

This is the discussion follow up to my video game music article I posted a few weeks ago. Basically I am interested in what some of the communities favorite OST's (Original Soundtracks) or single tracks in video games either old or new. I know for me personally I am a huge fan of Supergiant Game's Bastion, which combined old western sounding music, with soft and relaxing melodies. Chrono Cross' soundtrack also gets frequent playtime on my phone.

Why I haven’t given up on video game journalism

Its a harsh world out there. Some people say that its impossible to find a place to fit in, in this fast pace world. Others simply recommend not to even try. This is of course the world of video game journalism. Over the last few days I have e-mailed and talked to a few people to find out just what makes the intimidating land of game journalism so… Well intimidating. I got many different opinions on the subject, some said that its all about luck. While others said that it takes good writing and the ability to hustle and network. The general consensus though was that game journalism is a tough beast, that seems to take more then the average Joe to slay.