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UOregon PR alumnus. Xbox 360 and iOS gamer. Craft beer aficionado. Music lover. Cat photographer.

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stories by Jesse Radonski

Feeling Smarter With FEZ

Holy crap, I’m a genius! That will be the first thing out of your mouth when you solve that first difficult puzzle in FEZ. As I traversed through the digital world of FEZ, memories were brought back of a 16-bit era that I haven’t experienced much nowadays outside of Super Meat Boy. Much like the high-quality games from the 90s, this game boasts some great art direction both visually and audibly.

It’s not about the graphics, it’s about the games

It was in the late 80s when my mom bought me my first game system with her tax return money – the Nintendo Entertainment System. As an only child, the NES provided me with countless hours of gaming; some of them were great, many were good, and of course many were terrible. Really terrible. Makes you want to punch someone in the face terrible. Of course, there were the tricks we all had to do when the connectors didn’t make contact with the pins in the system; blowing inside the game and machine, using water and a Q-tip on the game, and more have been tactics to make an NES work. But when I, (as a small child,) rent a game that doesn’t work for the first hour after arriving home, there were a few times where I punched that console with my little 8-year-old fists. Watch some Angry Video Game Nerd videos to understand what I’m talking about. Even with its faults, the NES is one of my favorite consoles.