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Dyad creator: Traditional storytelling in games is “idiotic”

For his keynote speech at Gamercamp in Toronto, game developer Shawn McGrath gave the floor to his Twitter followers, who overwhelmingly asked about the technology that went into his psychedelic abstract shooter Dyad for the PlayStation 3. But time ran out before he could circle back to the topic he really wanted to tackle: how storylines in video games are "a worthless endeavour."

RailWorks 2 and the appeal of hyper-local DLC

It’s late evening at Castle Rock. Larkspur Wood Specialties, about a half-hour’s drive away, needs a shipment of goods. The lines ahead are fairly quiet and everything’s on schedule. I move the throttle and reverser levers in my SD-40-2 Wide Nose, ease up the brakes, and slowly make my way out of the cargo yard and down the track as the sun begins to dip below the horizon.

Do goalie fights in NHL 12 belong in Hell?

Jeff Blair, sports columnist for The Globe and Mail, commented in this Monday's paper about the upcoming unveiling of the cover athlete for EA Sports's NHL 12. Blair makes the obvious suggestion of Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas fresh off of his totally not riot-inducing Stanley Cup win, but takes more time noting one of the EA stalwart's new features: goalie fights.

Sonic 4, Episode 1: The Spin Cycle?

Sonic the Hedgehog holds a special place in my gamer’s heart. The first game I ever owned was Sonic 2, which came packed in with my Sega Genesis. 18 years ago, I zipped past the loop-de-loops in the Emerald Hill Zone and stared in awe at the sparkling lakeside in the background. I sat dumbfounded at the carnage the mechanical deathtrap known as the Metropolis Zone wreaked on my life count. And I relished every Dr. Robotnik (who answers to “Eggman” these days) encounter with the same excitement that Saturday morning cartoons brought to a youth’s imagination.

Red Dead Redemption = Black Jack Frustration

One of the criteria in Rockstar’s free-roaming Western game Red Dead Redemption  for achieving the Treasure Hunter outfit is playing blackjack at Rathskeller Fork and leaving with a profit. That doesn’t sound so bad, until you realize that the dealers in Red Dead play the game basically like a real one in Vegas would; they make you play forever.

The Gamers versus Roger Ebert, Part Eleventy-billion

By now it's likely that you have read Roger Ebert's most recent commentary on the "games as art" argument that seems to always swirl around his personal thoughts on the matter. I'm not really sure I can add much about the article itself that hasn't already – the blog post on the Chicago Sun-Times site has gathered north of 500 comments in less than two days.

Key Demographics: The Filco Tactile Click Keyboard

I love a good analogue stick as much as the next guy, but for those of us who spend just as much time gaming on the PC as on a console, the things that make good gaming controls are a little different. And while we wait with bated breath for the next step in motion control, I’m going to take a look at the humble keyboard, specifically the Filco Majestouch Tactile Click.

Arkham Asylum 2 Wish List: Predicta-bull

A few weeks ago Game Trailers posted a Wish List video for the sequel to 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum. It analysed the short trailer that premiered at the most recent Spike Video Game Awards, speculating what the sequel to one of the most pleasant surprises of last year “could and should” contain, running the usual gamut of gamers’ desires for a sequel. A bigger playing area, more varied missions, and so forth. It sort of bothers me, actually.