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Degree Holder, writer of about 5 years, started writing on the internet last year and things have just kind of led to one another!

I am truly passionate about gaming, from skype calls with a bunch of cool friends, discussing whether WoW is too outdated for its new expansion or not. All the way to putting in a combined total of about 600 hours across PC and xbox 360 Skyrim….good lord O.o

But yes, avid writer, avid gamer and hopefully avid poster!

Location:United Kingdom, Liverpool

stories by Jon Flynn

The Long War mod: why you should be playing XCOM again

For those of you who don’t know, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a turn-based strategy game that was released back in 2012. The original game placed you as the commander, the one in charge of organizing earth’s final defense against the alien invaders. Fast forward a few and XCOM Enemy Within is released. This incredible expansion pack (not DLC), adds many cool new additions to the original game, such as mech troopers, or genetically enhanced super soldiers, along with a new campaign and a new enemy to face. The only thing XCOM was missing after Enemy Within was, well, more XCOM. However, a genius group of modders have released a mod titled Long War.

The standard is free to play – but does it work?

With a lot of talk and endless discussion about the standard of pricing for MMO’s it comes as no surprise that gamers expect the standard practice to be free to play. Who wouldn’t? In this age of gaming with prices forever increasing, every one of us is out to secure the best bargain and we want to know we are not just sinking monthly subscriptions into a game that will flop somewhere down the line.