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Why the Amazon PlayStation Store could change console gaming

Amazon’s PlayStation Store rollout came out of nowhere – much like Typing of the Dead: Overkill, it was a stealth release no one really anticipated. Right now, it’s not really anything special. It’s just got launch titles for their retail prices along with some season passes, but you do get a $5 PSN credit for buying some things. However, the potential for it is to become a content delivery method akin to Steam, Desura, and Amazon’s PC download section where competition breeds lower prices. Amazon’s PC game download branch has been remarkably forward-thinking by reaching out to the gaming community for ideas on sales, and it’s resulted in them having some big sales on Steam-activated games in-between the usual Steam mega sales. It allowed PC gaming to flourish in ways never before imagined – and it’s at least partially due to the Humble Bundle starting, creating a slew of like-minded bundle deals, and driving down the cost of PC games as a whole.

Vintage Review: Classic Concentration

The Classic Concentration game show wasn’t particularly memorable for me during my childhood, but the video game version was because of the story behind it. Not the game’s story, but how I came to own the game. An eye exam ended and my ophthalmologist recommended an NES to help my poor hand/eye coordination. My now-late mother was all for anything that would do that, so we hit up a local pawn shop and picked up the system with three games – the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cart that every NES owner has had at least one copy of, Classic Concentration, and the Zapper light gun to play Duck Hunt. I’m not sure if that game did much to help my vision, but I remember my mother and I having a lot of fun playing with the dopey-looking characters. When she passed in ’09, I found the cartridge and decided to play the game again. While it’s not the game I most identify with her (that would be Vegas Stakes on the SNES – something I really should cover at some point), it’s the first game she and I ever played together and playing it without her brought about some good memories laughing at the character art and the fat-assed guy playing a piano to start the game.