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Jimmy grew up either glued to a book or glued to the screen. Nowadays he spends the same amount of time glued to both, pen-in-hand. Oh – he also likes spending time with his dog, Dante, playing tennis, crafting a sci-fi novel, and drenching everything with Sriracha. He’s also currently attending the University of Georgia. Follow him on Twitter but don’t follow him home.

Location:Athens, GA

stories by Jimmy Tran

Xbox One made me feel Micro – and really soft.

In essence, Microsoft’s E3 showing was impressive. I came in with the mindset of “all else equal.” Forget the DRM and the consumer restrictions for just a moment. No, I’m not an Xbox fanboy – I’m just a consumer trying to gauge which system to purchase within a reasonable budget. For a short while, it seemed like everyone was in awe. Like I said in one of my past posts – it’s all about the games.


This is more of a rant if anything, but the current state of Capcom makes me question their marketing choices lately. Sifting through my SNES collection, I've noticed that a strong majority of the games I own are developed or published by the Osaka based company.