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I’m a Husband, Father, Gamer, Singer, and Songwriter. I love family and helping people be their best. I’m in the process of building a singing community and Nonprofit called TheVocalounge aimed at helping independent artists and musicians. My formula for life is +(+)=+


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Propose This!

About this new proposal that was recently submitted; I don’t know how this new bill would benefit anyone other than the ESRB. Proposing fines wouldn’t change anything and again, would only benefit the ESRB. I don’t have a problem with my former employers benefitting and growing in an ever-changing digital world. I just don’t see how this is different than what is already there, other than forcing everyone who makes games to have no other choice but use the ESRB rating system. Apple and Google have their own ratings systems so this proposal, if it were to go through, would force Apple and Google to use the ESRB rating, right? I don’t know. Now, do I have a problem with every game being rated by the ESRB? Absolutely not. In fact I think every game should use the rating system because It is most widely recognized and most trusted games rating system. Don’t believe me? Go and find the hard facts and studies that prove it. Need your own proof? Look at the recent rating mishap with the NRA app. A mistake like that would never happen at the ESRB. I propose these 4 ideas…