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Modern disaster: Corporate gaming enterprise

In the past decade, an unprecedented amount of growth has developed in the gaming industry. As the Entertainment Software Association reports, in 2013, 51% of Americans play video games, 32% of which play social games. In a society where making connections has become a staple in communication and industry, I find it particularly odd and unsettling that where communication is the most important for gamers – from player to developer – a new culture has emerged that defies the typical structure and openness of software developers.

Grimind is a great combination of horror and 2D platforming

For centuries, and in increasing amounts as of late, 2D horror games – whether it be point-and-click design or the typical adventure theme such as Ao Oni – have been developed, refined, and published all over the web for the thrill of fanbases from as little as a few hundred to the masses of millions. However, there may be a new card in the deck that brings an exciting form of play; this being "Grimind," a platformer horror game currently being developed by Polish student Pawel Mogila, and could be the next big thing in 2D PC thrillers.

A war of two worlds: the difference between Minecraft and Terraria

Two popular Steam-based Indie games that have earned their share of fan spotlight have yet to settle the score as to which one is better. Most of the original players of the 3D adventure game "Minecraft", developed by Mojang AB – a Swedish Indie company – refuse to accept the fact that the so-called '2D counterpart' mine-build-explore production "Terraria", devloped by Re-Logic, is its own game.