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Game journalism and lack of integrity

There has been a considerable amount of discussion currently about game journalism, ranging from the debate about the representatives in the field actively pursuing freebies, how objective they must be, their attitudes and demeanour towards various fields, and the list goes on. One thing I have noticed throughout all of this is that one aspect, while often discussed, is rarely brought to the forefront. That aspect is integrity.

AAA Games and Other Buzzwords

I've been following this industry for some time in a variety of fashions, as a gamer mainly, as a retail peon who specialized in game sales, and as a freelance writer (okay, that's exclusively her on BitMob, but I digress) and one thing has been sticking at me. Okay, not only one thing, but those aren't the focus of the article. As I was saying, one thing's been getting my ire up consistently, and that's the use of terms like AAA, indie, casual, hardcore, and the like, often in a biased discussion.

The Cataclysm comes, or is it already here?

So the Cataclysm is upon us. Well, those of us who play World of Warcraft at any rate, and based on the anticipation, it's going to be a massive seller. There is going to be an issue though, one I can see coming from a long distance away and there's no way it's going to be avoided. That issue is the disappointment when it comes out.

The Spike VGA show, my honest opinion.

I was going to post this as a reply to Fozzy Boudaz’s Do we really need the Video Game Awards? post, but I figured it might be a little long for a reply, so I’m doing my own post on it. I would like to point out that this is my own opinion and you might not agree with it, but hey, that’s life. That said, here we go:

A Gamer’s Opinion on Game Publishers

So this stems from an article that Dan “Shoe” Hsu posted on August 25, 2009 as a copy from the Sore Thumbs blog that he used to co run. The title of it is “A Game Publisher on Gaming Journalism”, check it out, if nothing more than to make sure I’m not taking things out of context. The article in question had me seeing red the first time I read it and suffice to say, my demeanor had not changed the second time. Read my critique of the article after the jump.