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I’m Luke, I have a plethora of hobbies ranging from gaming to sport. But I must say gaming is the one things that makes me happy and is something I have done for a very long time and something I plan on doing for a lot longer. I currently am learning how to be a programmer to hopefully achieve a life long dream of getting into the games industry. But if that doesn’t work I always have my fall back of being a film maker.

Location:Wolverhampton, England

stories by Luke Westwood

The Cave Review

What is the thing that you desire? That is the questions that the cave puts to you. The Cave the most resent game from Double Fine from the minds of the great collaborating team that brought us games such as Monkey Island, Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer.

Will Tiger Woods 14 be a swing and a miss?

Since 98 we have had the yearly release of the Tiger Woods game series but in the last couple of years the games have really began to show how good they are. Most sports games only ever have small changes, which we can all agree is something we cannot change as sport never really changes. But over the last couple of years the Tiger Woods series has tried to move away from this and change. The most notable change of the last couple of years in the Tiger Woods “Legacy Mode” this mode was something that gave you the opportunity to take controller of Tiger before he was the excellent and world class golfer that we all know so well. That was in 2013 but lets not forget that the year before we saw the first introduction of the Masters tournament at Augusta National Golf Club (as well as the first time that Tiger himself was not on the box)