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2 things that could help make Hollywood’s adaptation of Shadow of the Colossus good

It wasn't too long ago that comic book fans gritted their teeth when buying tickets to the silver-screen adaptations of their favorite characters and ventured into the theater hoping that there was at least some redeeming quality to the film. But over the years, the Fantastic Fours and Ghost Riders gave way to the Iron Mans and Avengers…and comic junkies were happy. Hollywood hasn't been so nice to video game enthusiasts, though. (Find a video game movie above 40% on Rotten Tomatoes. I dare you.)

Amanita Design entrusted Botanicula’s sounds and music to a quirky, alternative band

It's not that uncommon to hear that a musician you enjoy created the soundtrack to an upcoming movie. Hollywood has plenty of examples like Nine Inch Nail's Trent Reznor crafting the music for David Fincher's The Social Network, or Jonsi, the lead singer of Icelandic-post-rock weirdos Sigur Ros, making the score to Matt Damon shoveling up monkey poo (or whatever it is that happened in We Bought A Zoo). In the video game world, though, this sort of thing doesn't normally happen.

The one-console future will be retro

It has been several years since Denis Dyack, founder and president of development studio Silicon Knights (makers of Too Human and Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem), predicted that the future of video games involved only one console manufacturer. Most gamers have likely completely forgotten about those angry forum rants they posted in response to his idea.

One Chance: Our last few days on earth

On December 2, a Flash game called One Chance came out on Newgrounds. In it, you play as John Pilgrim, a scientist that has discovered the cure for cancer. But before you can celebrate, you learn that the treatment kills more than just cancer cells. Civilization as we know it has only six days left to live, and you have to decide whether you want to spend those days searching for a cure, being with your family, or going nuts.

Milked by Tetris: The Once Embarrassing State of Mobile Games

On every cell phone I have ever owned, I have purchased Tetris. Every single time I do, it barely ever gets played, but for some reason I just can't resist it's siren call. No matter how many times I've gotten a version that plays like complete ass, I keep telling myself the next one will be better. That's the nature of the mobile games of (mostly) the past; A billion different variations of the same types of games, that can vary even more depending on what brand of phone or network you have.

The Saboteur Review

I'm not crazy about open-world games. I stop playing most of them well before I ever finish. The one game I got much further in was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but even then I gave up halfway through it. There are just too many things to do, and too many ways for me to get distracted from the main story. I always end up playing too many side-missions and getting bored with the mission structure before I ever get a chance to see the end of the storyline.

Catching Up to the Industry: Part 1

As I have mentioned numerous times in my writing, I'm pretty far behind with the video game world. I've followed a very set path through this industry, and it is time for me to venture out and spread my realm of knowledge around a little bit. I need to catch up on the classic franchises I've completely missed out on and play through the landmark titles that I've yet to touch. Feel free to read along as I do. This time, I'll be covering Metroid: Zero Mission, Portal, and Flower.

The Game Inquisitor Issue #2: E3, Gex, and Comics!

The Electronic Entertainment Exposition approaches, and we here at The Game Inquisitor had to take the opportunity to make up a bunch of random shit that we think is going to happen so that we'll get a bunch of hits! Isn't that what all video game sites do right before E3? The only difference with us is that our predictions aren't predictions at all. They are cold, hard truths. Or, at least, they will be once they happen.

The Game Inquisitor Issue #1: Paperboy Reboot, Dyack’s an Alien, and More

Congratulations! You're reading the first ever issue of The Game Inquisitor, which means you want more truth in your game journalism. Tired of being lied to? Of course you are. When Nintendo released Wii Music, we were the only outlet to (correctly) report that Miyamoto's pact with the devil had expired and he was forced to rely on his own ideas. In an effort to help spread out the truth around the Internet, we've developed these issues for sites like Bitmob to enjoy.

Backlog Brigade: Shadow of the Colossus Edition

I might have mentioned Shadow of the Colossus a few times. It might very well be my favorite game ever. Like Rob Savillo and Demon's Souls, I have a lot of trouble shutting up about it (just kidding, Rob!). So, when I heard Frank Anderson mention on Twitter that had tried to beat the game almost a dozen times and always gave up, I knew the Backlog Brigade had to come to the rescue.

Backlog Brigade: MadWorld Finale

The idea behind the Bitmob Backlog Brigade is all about support. Fellow gamers support each other in their attempt to dwindle down that giant pile of shame on their shelves. The BBB flies in and drops a "time bubble" over each participant. All of a sudden, it is the week of that poor forgotten game's release all over again. Other people are talking about it and you feel motivated to keep playing and join in.

This or That: Bully Vs. Grand Theft Auto

I like to think of this as a battle of aesthetic over gameplay. Bully and the Grand Theft Auto series are both made by Rockstar, and both have the same general gameplay. But while each game has you in open world environments, completing a series of missions, GTA has all the charm of a rock compared to Bully's ability to make you weak in the knees like Zooey Deschanel.

New Details on Sonic 4 Assure Suckacity

I don't know about you, but I've been waiting for a good Sonic the Hedgehog game for quite awhile. Not since back on the Sega Genesis have we gotten a top quality Sonic game. Every single new Sonic game is usually accompanied by a press statement claiming it is the breath of fresh air for the series. "This is what Sonic fans have been waiting for!", or something to that effect.

Struggling to Define “Gimmick” in a 3DS World

We gamers are a sensitive type. Deep down inside, we all love the gimmicky products that are ever present in our industry of choice, but we need to be the first to call out bullshit marketing ploys when we get the faintest whiff. But it's a very hard line to walk, because in the American capitalist society, even genuine attempts at pushing an industry forward are also thinly veiled attempts at becoming the "next big thing" in video games.