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Robin Williams to be a part of Zelda?

If reports are to be believed, late actor and legend Robin Williams could well be a part of the much popular video game “Legend of Zelda.” One of the most versatile actors of international cinema who passed away a few days back, leaving millions of mourning fans behind had been known for his love of video games, especially Zelda.

Top games that are coming to iOS

We have had a lot of great PC games in various categories, rocking our entertainment world. With the rise of powerful portable devices like iPad and Android phones, these games are being ported to those devices, making us enjoy adventuring once more in such worlds but this time while we are anywhere on Earth. Most notable games that are coming to iOS and that I would like to talk about are the following:

Gigabyte brings compact BRIX gaming PC

When you think of gaming PC, all that comes to mind is a huge monster box containing all the powerful hardware. A hell of a heat sink and cooling system, a huge graphic card or two, a huge power supply to heat up all the other components and all in all a huge case to hold the huge components! That has been the set image of a gaming PC for a few years now and Gigabyte comes in with a hope to change that.