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The Last of Us being turned into a movie and the video game movie issue

Well this is odd. I had planned to make a post on video game movies and now The Last of Us has been announced as being turned into a movie. Perfect timing I guess. And my reaction to that is…well I’m kind of terrified. Don’t get me wrong; I totally want people to experience The Last of Us. Everyone should. It’s by far one of my favorite pieces of art ever, not just video games. I do wish that people would spend the time to learn video games and play them because The Last of Us is meant to be a video game and nothing else. And right there is the issue with video game movies. They were never meant to be movies especially considering how unique video games are to any other medium, that interaction with the controller is just as important as the writing, gameplay, acting, whatever. It’s as crucial especially for something like The Last of Us where the interaction makes you feel like Joel, it makes you feel the tension he feels and it makes you feel even more so for Ellie.

Irrational Games shutting down: What does it mean?

Irrational games, the major game studio behind the Bioshock games, is essentially closing down according to Ken Levine who says, “I need to refocus my energy on a smaller team with a flatter structure and a more direct relationship with gamers,” which basically means that he is laying off nearly everyone except 15 people. This is a very strange piece of news that I didn’t expect at all. Is it because Bioshock Infinite didn’t sell well? Is it because Ken Levine simply wants to take himself creatively somewhere else? It just leaves so many questions to be asked.

The Last of Us: Left Behind Review

The Last of Us took the video game industry by storm not because it did anything necessarily new but because it executed everything near perfect and was a great capstone to the last generation. Now with the downloadable content Left Behind, we focus on two aspects that we cut back and forth between: The in between time of the Fall and Winter seasons of the original game and a brand new time frame before the story of Joel and Ellie, her friendship with Riley. The game plays virtually the same as The Last of Us as expected, the same refined 3rd person shooting and stealth tactics that made the original game so great. But what surprises me the most is how much the downloadable content didn’t focus on combat. There isn’t a whole lot of combat in general throughout until the climax which actually makes the entire thing much more effective.