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·Big game hunter: Our inability to hold games to equal standards (when they nick stuff from each other) View Comments     6 June 20, 2014
·Brothers: how Riddick saves the writing View Comments     9 June 13, 2014
·So, this is what dying feels like, ey? View Comments     10 May 16, 2014
·Extrasolar is free-to-play wot I get (i.e. it makes sense) View Comments     13 April 28, 2014
·Darksiders II isn’t sure whether the Internet exists or not. Sorry, it does. View Comments     10 April 1, 2014
·Darksiders II is almost fourteen times as long as Beowulf (starring Ray Winstone) View Comments     6 March 22, 2014
·(Over) analysing The Bureau: XCOM Declassified’s chest-high walls (to within an inch of their lives) View Comments     11 March 8, 2014
·I want to be stereotyped/ I want to be classified: This week I like microtransactions in my games on my phone View Comments     11 February 14, 2014
·Cookie Clicker and Rogue Legacy: Making something out of nothing View Comments     29 January 27, 2014
·My love-hate relationship with my 10 favorite games from 2013 View Comments     27 December 21, 2013
·Internet Piracy: We’re all making the next Assassin’s Creed View Comments     1 December 20, 2013
·First one in, last one out: Think before you drink, or at least before saying something silly View Comments     4 November 26, 2013
·The problem with the new things View Comments     0 November 17, 2013
·Saints Row IV is the loveliest game ever made (and it loves you more than you’ll probably ever know) View Comments     4 November 15, 2013
·Grand Theft Auto V is an unnecessarily violent facsimile of your boring life View Comments     16 October 4, 2013
·Difficulty Mill: Bulletstorm View Comments     9 September 17, 2013
·How Remember Me undermines its story to be a video game View Comments     91 September 8, 2013
·Some things age badly – 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is not one of them View Comments     13 May 28, 2013
·Nathan Drake makes all the games so I don’t need to play any more for a while View Comments     43 April 5, 2013
·Second glance: Investigating the creation and failure of Damnation with lead designer Jacob Minkoff View Comments     10 January 15, 2013
·Ghettoisation in video game communities: A response to Sean Bassinger’s ‘Video games and relationships: It’s complicated’ View Comments     2 December 6, 2012
·Silent Hill: Revelation highlights the ongoing problems of the series View Comments     7 November 28, 2012
·Public Investment in Video Games is Dangerously Similar to Lending Money to a Friend View Comments     1 November 8, 2012
·Xbox Live for Windows Phone is great. Unless you like playing compelling games View Comments     2 October 29, 2012
·I don’t think I have the time anymore to enjoy Borderlands 2 View Comments     1 October 1, 2012
·The Walking Dead presents a compelling story, but is the gameplay still too complex? View Comments     4 September 28, 2012
·Forgetting about older, classic titles could undermine the future of gaming View Comments     1 September 6, 2012
·Monetizing gameplay: How SimCity Social swallows your soul View Comments     1 August 24, 2012
·The Agony of Victory: Drinking Heavily and Playing Games View Comments     3 August 15, 2012
·Achievement Unlocked – How Modern Gaming Devalues Spec Ops: The Line View Comments     5 August 1, 2012
·Learning to walk again: Understanding the difficulties of game concepts through Minecraft View Comments     2 July 30, 2012