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·Darksiders II isn’t sure whether the Internet exists or not. Sorry, it does. Add a Comment     38 April 1, 2014
·Darksiders II is almost fourteen times as long as Beowulf (starring Ray Winstone) Add a Comment     89 March 22, 2014
·(Over) analysing The Bureau: XCOM Declassified’s chest-high walls (to within an inch of their lives) Add a Comment     86 March 8, 2014
·I want to be stereotyped/ I want to be classified: This week I like microtransactions in my games on my phone Add a Comment     54 February 14, 2014
·Cookie Clicker and Rogue Legacy: Making something out of nothing Add a Comment     803 January 27, 2014
·My love-hate relationship with my 10 favorite games from 2013 Add a Comment     143 December 21, 2013
·Internet Piracy: We’re all making the next Assassin’s Creed Add a Comment     32 December 20, 2013
·First one in, last one out: Think before you drink, or at least before saying something silly Add a Comment     8 November 26, 2013
·The problem with the new things Add a Comment     4 November 17, 2013
·Saints Row IV is the loveliest game ever made (and it loves you more than you’ll probably ever know) Add a Comment     2 November 15, 2013
·Grand Theft Auto V is an unnecessarily violent facsimile of your boring life Add a Comment     25 October 4, 2013
·Difficulty Mill: Bulletstorm Add a Comment     11 September 17, 2013
·How Remember Me undermines its story to be a video game Add a Comment     169 September 8, 2013
·Some things age badly – 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is not one of them Add a Comment     14 May 28, 2013
·Nathan Drake makes all the games so I don’t need to play any more for a while Add a Comment     52 April 5, 2013
·Second glance: Investigating the creation and failure of Damnation with lead designer Jacob Minkoff Add a Comment     6 January 15, 2013
·Ghettoisation in video game communities: A response to Sean Bassinger’s ‘Video games and relationships: It’s complicated’ Add a Comment     3 December 6, 2012
·Silent Hill: Revelation highlights the ongoing problems of the series Add a Comment     7 November 28, 2012
·Public Investment in Video Games is Dangerously Similar to Lending Money to a Friend Add a Comment     1 November 8, 2012
·Xbox Live for Windows Phone is great. Unless you like playing compelling games Add a Comment     1 October 29, 2012
·I don’t think I have the time anymore to enjoy Borderlands 2 Add a Comment     5 October 1, 2012
·The Walking Dead presents a compelling story, but is the gameplay still too complex? Add a Comment     2 September 28, 2012
·Forgetting about older, classic titles could undermine the future of gaming Add a Comment     0 September 6, 2012
·Monetizing gameplay: How SimCity Social swallows your soul Add a Comment     5 August 24, 2012
·The Agony of Victory: Drinking Heavily and Playing Games Add a Comment     2 August 15, 2012
·Achievement Unlocked – How Modern Gaming Devalues Spec Ops: The Line Add a Comment     2 August 1, 2012
·Learning to walk again: Understanding the difficulties of game concepts through Minecraft Add a Comment     19 July 30, 2012