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Michael Westgarth is British freelance writer and videogame journalist with articles appearing on The Escapist, Unwinnable, Alienware Arena, GamerTell, Geek Insider and more.

He is the current News Editor for Sega fansite Sega Addicts where he frequently write news stories, reviews and features. He also maintains his own personal blog, MegaWestgarth.

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Location:Ipswich, United Kingdom

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Are we squandering our ability to interact directly with developers?

Many questions that children ask can leave parents feeling dumbfounded, embarrassed, and awkward as they attempt to provide an appropriate explanation for mature or complex topics. Equally so, a child of the 80's and 90's asking “Where do games come from?” would have most parents scratching their heads as they tried to figure out how the mystical cartridges actually come about.

How I sold my soul for sex in the Mass Effect series

My Commander Shepard is a good man. I made him that way; my unseen hand guiding him through his spacefaring adventures and shaping his personality. He is by no means a perfect person, but I've ensured that he tries to help out those in need at every opportunity — just so long as they don't rub him the wrong way. For the most part, I kept my Shepard on the straight and narrow.

Revisiting the genius of Donkey Kong Country’s two-button gameplay

When looking at Donkey Kong Country, one might assume that such a rich-looking gameplay environment would require a large arsenal of moves to conquer. Legendary developers Rare, however, applied simplicity where it mattered the most: the controls. While many developers tried to make the most out of the Super Nintendo's six-button controller, Rare utilized only two — one button for rolling, running and picking up barrels and one for jumping. Sound familiar?