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DLC: Please, make it stop

Up until the explosion of online gaming and digital content, expansions and other forms of DLC had been irrelevant. Once you beat a game, that was it. It was over, done, finished. But now, that simply isn’t the case. It’s actually become somewhat of an abnormality for a game to not have DLC. In fact, I often find myself coming head to head with a game’s newest DLC expansion before I even have time to complete the main story line itself. Don’t get me wrong, I love extra content, especially if it’s within a game I thoroughly enjoy, but sometimes DLC diminishes a game’s overall experience. Keep reading to find out what it is that frustrates me about the latest DLC craze.

Xbox One: I can’t wait…until Spring 2014!

With Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One, less than a month away from release, I find myself surprisingly underwhelmed and it has nothing to do with the console itself.  In fact, I love everything I’ve seen so far when it comes to the Xbox One and what it has to offer consumers (me) from an entertainment and gaming standpoint.  The problem I’ve run up against is a fairly unimpressive list of launch titles in the initial months of the console’s production.  Combined with delays in major games like Watch Dogs and The Crew by Ubisoft, things aren’t looking great for Xbox fans at launch.  But, hope lingers on the horizon.  More specifically, Spring of 2014.

Video Games: My Escape From Reality

When I think back to some of the most troubled times in my life I remember wanting to get away from it all.  I remember wanting to escape the ensuing fate upon which I had fallen, but life offered no medication to alleviate my dissatisfaction.  Do you want to know how I dealt with those situations?  I played video games.  They offered me a chance to work through my distress and gave me a way to leave it all behind for a few hours.