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Benjamin Toy Yoder is a college student majoring in public relations. In his free time he likes to play and write about video games. He’s written at VGChartz’ gamrFeed, Classic Game Room Empire and TheSpeedGamers.

Benjamin places an emphasis on entertainment rather than pure quality, and he looks for unique gaming experiences.

He also has an unhealthy interests in rather strange and creepy Japanese things.

Location:Conyers, GA

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Forget HD: Why I decided to neglect this console generation

I'd consider myself a hardcore gamer. When I'm not attending college or working, I'm usually gaming. If I'm lucky, sleep will make it in there somewhere. While maybe not as much as I’d like to, I generally stay in touch with the latest happenings within the industry as well. However, despite my passion for games, I've almost completely written off the HD generation.