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Clang! Very cool sword controller, game and SDK, w/ even cooler Video. Camo by Gabe

First off, the idea.  If you have ever played any sword playing game you know it pretty much sucks.  Triggers for a sword? Really?  I was hoping that the Wii or perhaps the xBox would make this better.  But not.  So the guys at the Subutai Corporation decided to do something about this by creating a kickstarter project called Clang.  They are creating a SDK and controller for better sword based games.  But not just creating a controller, but incorporating the various elements of sword play into the SDK.  No small feat. Based on the video they are taking a heuristic approach by trying to incorporate body movement as well as sword position and acceleration.  But the cool part is the video they created.  Heck, the vid alone must have been around 10k to produce.

Could this be the final test? And a version war erupts between Shoe and Perivision

I'm sure you guys are sick of all these test posts, but believe me, it's needed. Getting to complete different publishing system to work in sync is no small feat. But we think we are almost there. And in the course of testing some of the editing functions, a version war has erupted between Shoe and your lowly tech guy Christopher (aka, Perivision).