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Co-Founder and Editor for Pixel Perfect–your one-stop-shop for all the video game news, reviews, previews, opinions and the like on the web!

Justin is an avid gamer, having started at the wee age of 4 when his parents didn’t want to hear him whine anymore and bought him an NES. Since then he has been hooked and has played games on almost every system in existence.

In his free time he likes to write reviews, listen to music, play games (duh), and hang out with his awesome girlfriend!

Location:Cleveland, OH

stories by Justin Brenis

E3 2011 speculations: the future of motion gaming

June 7th is right around the corner, and for those of us in the gaming community it only means one thing: E3 is coming, and coming soon! While most people anxiously await Christmas or New Years, gamers around the world pine for early summer when the top brass in the gaming universe gather in Los Angeles to present their wares for the industry to ogle at.