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I’m a current college student majoring in Kinesiology and Exercise Science and also a gamer. My tastes are ever evolving and I enjoy writing about my passions. Thanks to my writing here, I’ve recently been given some good opportunities.

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Console gaming is approaching an evolutionary dead end

The “next gen” consoles are now current generation, and sales have been fairly disappointing. The largest problem is a two pronged attack from the worlds of mobile and PC gaming. Mobile gaming has completely decimated the Japanese home console market. At the same time, the gap between console and PC gaming performances at the time of a new console generation release is at an all time high. Consoles are striving more than ever to be like the modern PC, but at the rate technology advances that’s a fruitless endeavor.

Nintendo: Schadenfreude sells

In the age of online gaming, games that focus on solid local multiplayer are becoming less common. As fun as it is to play with friends from around the world, nothing beats having the gang all in one place for the purpose of fun. Luckily, Nintendo is there to bring us great “couch co-op,” and nobody knows the appeal of schadenfreude like the big N.

Indie games are more important than ever.

The proliferation of professional level video game engines through the internet has lead to a massive influx of indie games. There are thousands of indie games for sale over the internet now. Most are still of the quality often associated with the indie scene, but just like the corporate games market, there are legitimately great games that rise above the others to become popular and successful. Seeing an increase in the number of quality indie titles is great because they are needed now more than ever before in the gaming industry.

How Nintendo is different.

Nintendo stays Nintendo and that’s what makes them different from other gaming companies. It feels like they’ll never change at their core, but  why change what isn’t broken? The company’s steadfastness to the Nintendo mentality means that when they do make a change to something, it’s not a case of “because we can” but  an enhancement to their game in some way.