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If video games were celebrities

As much as we'd like to consider video games their own industry, they're still a part of the larger "entertainment " conglomerate. As such, it's easy to draw parallels between the human stars that boost ratings for their shows and the video games which boost sales for their developers.

The unbalanced depictions of war games

I am a complete cynic who will play devil's advocate at the drop of a hat. If it's an unpopular idea with some amount of merit, then you better believe it'll come out of my mouth. Couple this with the fact that I think much of the human race is useless, and you're likely to hear me say some very uncomfortable things from time to time.

Why Love the Bullet but Hate the Bosom?

Let's come straight out with it: 99% of big budget games are made for guys. Sure, certain games are gender neutral like Guitar Hero and The Sims, but developers usually don't cater exclusively to females. I'm not being sexist here, just realistic. The majority of people who manage to prestige 10 times in Modern Warfare 2 or giggle hysterically after curb stomping a Locust in Gears of War are men.

The Family Reunion of Gaming

Family reunions are some of the most memorable moments of the year. It's when the old meet the young, the eccentric meet the conservative, and the black sheep mingle with the shining standards. And if comedy movies have taught us anything, it's that this is a recipe for hilarity and disaster. 

Nintendo: Sellout or Misunderstood?

Editor's note: Nintendo receives a great deal of criticism for their reliance on the same stable of video-game characters: Mario, Link, and Samus Aran. Yet Siri notes that other developers get a free pass for their own repeated use of characters and themes. Is Siri onto something? -Jason

Zelda Games: Deserving of Their Scores?

Before you white-page search my address and ransack my house, allow me to say first that I am a HUGE Zelda fan. I have worshipped our green-clad hero since his first and most well-known foray onto the Nintendo 64. I look forward to every encounter with elaborate and colorful bosses in which the one new tool you acquired will be used in very obvious ways to defeat him/her without challenge. I look forward to the inevitable confrontation with Ganondorf that somehow always ends with the Master Sword stuck in one of his orifices.

My Top 10 Horror Game Enemies

For anyone who has read some of my older posts, I often accuse recent horror games of being more geared towards action than actually scaring the player. So I figured I would pay tribute to the best baddies that made sure you played the game with all the lights on. 

The FPS: A Stagnant Genre?

Ah, it's been a long time since our nameless marine sent hell packing and inadvertently gave birth to one of the most beloved genres of gaming: the FPS. And yet 20 years later, we're still launching the same ol' lead into the same ol' baddies. Has the FPS run its course?

Good or Bad: Regenerating Health Meters

Some of my more hardcore gaming friends had gotten into an argument over something that we take for granted: regenerating health. I immediately laughed and tried to remember the last game that didn't make the edges of the screen go red when you so much as stubbed your toe. Then I remembered some of my favorite games: Max Payne 2, Half Life 2, Halo 1, Mass Effect. God those do seem like a long time ago . . . but they got along fine without regenerating health. And now I wonder . . . is regenerating health good for the genre?

Alpha Protocol Review: Don’t Give up on Obsidian yet

               As a frequenter of various gaming sites, I can say I was thoroughly irritated by how much Alpha Protocol was advertised. And with the exception of games that I trust (Like Super Mario Galaxy), I tend to stray from heavily marketed games. Strangely enough, the only reason I decided to pick this game up was because all sorts of game viewers have basically rubbed their nuts all over its face, and my friends who own the game have now a formed a line to do the same.