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Your friend the videogames journalist: No gods or kings

Many look to videogames journalism for truth in the industry, but the practice is not without its flaws. With an abundance of people uneducated and untrained in the discipline, games reporting has embraced blatant speculation, the embellishment of opinion, emotionally charged commentary, and the misinformation that the title of “editor” alone is enough evidence to heed one’s words without a hint of doubt.

About industry professionals’ unwillingness to talk about violence in gaming

Yet again, in the wake of another tragedy, videogames find themselves receiving the brunt of the blame. Though, rather than provide reasonable responses, a lot of industry figureheads have resorted to mirroring the ignorant, uninformed statements they find themselves faced with. This is why that’s anything but constructive, and even proves detrimental to the understanding of videogames as an expressive artform.

The Wii U does a poor job distinguishing itself from the Wii

This "blue ocean" that Nintendo is so fond of can't be fished clean. The name exists for a reason: It's that untapped market with a seemingly limitless potential for financial growth. The issue with the ocean, though, is that it's big … really big. More importantly, fish, much like the blue ocean's consumers, are fleeting little creatures; they seldom stay in a single spot for too long.

Escaping myself: How games helped with depression

I had a difficult time deciding whether or not I should share this; it is still associated with a lot of shame, and part of me fears it could somehow affect future careers/opportunities. Nonetheless, it seems somewhat relevant these days, and serves as a testament to how useful this seemingly frivolous hobby of ours can be. This is about my struggle with depression, suicide, and how the escapism of videogames helped keep my mind in a comfortable place.

An open apology to associates and influences

A few months ago, I received the most ironic lesson that I'll ever have in my life. I've seen so many similar public lashings of wrongdoers and thought to myself, "It must be a rare blessing for one to experience such resounding consequences for negative actions." Now I stand in the rubble of a stupid mistake of my own.

The wins and woes of working in games

I was just let go from my first paying, entry-level industry job. I don’t blame the company; they were merely doing what was logical and beneficial to them. And I don’t blame myself; I worked my ass off both before and during the position. And my opinionated nature and viper tongue had nothing to do with this, as many of my former Bitmob colleagues might assume. This is a hard industry, and things just didn’t work in my favor this time.

A tour of the Gnomon School of Visual Effects

If you’re an animation graduate like me, it’s virtually impossible not to know about the Gnomon School of Visual Effects. Why? Because our teachers told us to learn from the best, and Gnomon is where you'll find the crème de la crème. It’s a school that not only features top animators, 3D modelers, sculptors, and concept artists as its instructors, but also as its students. Gnomon is the place where prodigies and masters go to perfect their craft even more than it already is. And as a result, it’s a place where one can discover some of the best artwork around. So of course I jumped at the opportunity to visit such a renowned institution. I would have been crazy not to.

The unfortunate similarities between Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2

I’ve been out of the Battlefield loop for a long time. After Battlefield Vietnam, the series just didn't excite me anymore. Perhaps it's because I've been somewhat spoiled by the ultra-refined gameplay of Call of Duty. Still, the Battlefield series has always felt broken to me. That didn't stop me from recently trying out Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the first time, though, thanks to the excitement generated by my hands-on with Battlefield 3.