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The many remixes of the Tetris theme song

The 8-bit era of games is notorious for having created some of the most catchy tunes in popular culture. Tetris was one of the many games that stuck to players' minds to the point of insanity. The main theme didn't help matters much. The puzzler's popular jingle that everyone and their parents can whistle is actually an old Russian folk song from the 19th century. Neat, eh?

Video Blips: Shadows of the Damned, L.A. Noire DLC, God of War: Origins Collection, and more

If The Divine Comedy had a baby with a Mexican telenovela (soap opera), the result would probably be Shadows of the Damned. You don’t normally see such ridiculous, self-aware camp from Japanese games, so one can only imagine the kind of unorthodox childhoods the developers might have had. Perhaps they were forced to watch Mexican novelas.

E3 2011: Trenched creators say, “Of course we’re f***in’ awesome!”

No, the headline is not hyperbole. I had a chance to sit with Project Lead Brad Muir and Lead Programmer Chris Jurney as they gave me an in-depth tour of their upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game, Trenched. Not only were they two of the funniest people I met at E3, but they also showed great confidence in their game — one that stemmed from practically nothing.

E3 2011: Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a cyber renaissance world you’ll want to experience

In what ways could one use a body that one can repair and augment with mechanical prosthetics? How would people commute to work, were they to live in a vast city located directly below an even larger one? What if corporations became so big and powerful they required their own branch of security? These are some of the questions that went through the head of Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, art director for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

E3 2011: Gore lovers will want BloodRayne: Betrayal and Ninja Gaiden 3

BloodRayne: Betrayal and Ninja Gaiden 3 are pretty juicy. I’m used to video-game violence, but I still have moments where I think “ugh” while I chuckle silently to myself. I was expecting to see titles that stood out as particularly gory; although, I didn’t think I would see them within my first few hours at E3. If you like seeing your enemies as piles of meaty chunks, you probably want to check these out.

3 reasons why you should become friends with the 3DS eShop

I know what you’re thinking. It’s just another online store. Why should I give a damn? I won’t lie; I thought the same thing. While I was more than happy to check it out, I too expected nothing new or surprising from the eShop. Well, Nintendo’s telepathic spies apparently did a great job of invading these hollow, caffeine-flooded heads of ours, because they have a few great answers for you.

Would you like a new Gears of War 3 trailer? We thought so

So, this Gears of War 3 is supposedly a big deal. In case you didn’t know, the beta recently ended. After a total of 1.29 million participants in 145 countries, 927 million kills, 23 billion bullets fired, and a span of 249 years of playtime (all according to Microsoft's stats), it’s safe to assume that it was pretty popular, right? I mean, I played the beta, and it was alright. I got a few hundred kills, earned some of the beta-only unlockables, and I might have giggled once or twice whenever I’d continuously beat an enemy to death with his own leg. But so what?

Bitmob Breakdown: How do we make Brink better?

In the words of Ratatouille’s restaurant critic Anton Ego, “We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read.” But there come moments when we have to remind ourselves that such entertaining commentaries tend to be nothing more than cheap thrills. And so I ask: Why not provide suggestions for fixing bad game design rather than simply wag a finger at it? These developers work their asses off, so they deserve such feedback, correct? Every month, I will find a game that had great potential yet failed to deliver. I will point out some of the obvious flaws, give a few of my own tips on how to fix them, and then open this up for you to offer your suggestions as well. It’ll be kind of like fantasy football, only manlier.

Video Blips: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Dead Block, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, and more

The more I see of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, the more excited I am to get my hands on it. Nintendo rarely fails to deliver when it comes to pleasing their fans, so it’s no surprise that this Zelda remake will satisfy those with a nostalgia itch. Those who pre-ordered The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker will find the Japanese trailer below quite titillating…I know I did.

Video Blips: SSX: Deadly Descents, Call of Duty DLC, Back to the Future: The Game – Episode 4, and more

The original SSX was one of the first and best games I ever played on the PlayStation 2. I was originally a Nintendo kid, but once I took control of that sample PS2 in a lowly K-Mart and proceeded to defy the laws of physics, I fell in love with the system. Now, a console generation later, I anxiously await another chance to fly down the powdery slopes of one of EA’s greatest franchises.

Video Blips: Star Wars: The Old Republic, Red Faction: Armageddon, Shadows of the Damned, and more

If you have yet to hear about Star Wars: The Old Republic, then I implore you to exit whatever cave you’ve been dwelling in for the past two years and join the rest of society. And if you have heard of it and greatly anticipate its release, I open my arms to you and embrace you as a brother. Let us conquer the Republic together and bring order to the galaxy…and then impulsively murder each other. Ah, the life of a Sith.

Video Blips: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Child of Eden, Grove Keeper, and more

The Legend of Zelda series is probably the one Nintendo franchise I can stand behind, hands down, no matter how long it drags on. It has never failed to please and will always be a prime example of the unique style of visual storytelling that video games have. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D should definitely be on your to-get list if you own a 3DS yet haven't played the original.

Video Blips: Duke Nukem Forever, F.E.A.R. 3, Guild Wars 2, and more

Duke Nukem Forever is a man’s game, featuring the manliest of men, doing the most masculine of manly things. If this game were any more macho, it would effortlessly steal your girlfriend, donate both of its kidneys to Keith Richards, punch a megalodon in the gills, bring peace to the Middle East, tattoo a fist on the inner lining of its gut, cure male-pattern flabbiness, and wash itself with petroleum and broken shards of fiberglass — twice a day. Hail to the king, baby.