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Losing my WonderCon virginity

It would probably be more appropriate for me to state that I lost my convention virginity, altogether. I have never been to a comic convention, and for a good reason: I cannot stand geek stereotypes. I am just as much of a geek as the next person, however I do not find myself exuding the same colorful and strange qualities. I’m not very chipper, I have an overwhelming sense of shame, and I couldn’t care any less about internet memes or superheroes.

First-person Mario

Last month, Dan Hsu posted a video of some rather talented visual effects guys having an exciting go-cart race, Mushroom Kingdom style. Well, it looks like they have gone a step beyond merely wondering what it's like to be Mario.

The Misconception of Masculinity in Games

It’s difficult to argue the fact that it’s more common to see commentaries or articles addressing the misrepresentation of women in games. In a lot of ways, they’re still the underdogs of this industry, so it’s understandably easy to focus more on their woes than anything else. However, few gamers seem to notice or address the fact that men are just as misrepresented in games as their Venusian counterparts.

GDC 2011: I See Old People

Unlike so many of my friends who work in the industry, I did not have the privilege of attending GDC this year. No, in fact, I had the fortune of substituting such an event with a root canal and a trip to the doctor for a physical (yes, the turn-your-head-and-cough kind). Along with my Facebook being flooded with photos of my pals rubbing shoulders with industry folks, I also found myself unable to turn a corner, while in downtown San Francisco, without seeing someone with a GDC badge around their neck.