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Why am I Ashamed of Press Conferences and Hardware Unveilings? A PS4 Reaction

This is not a post about booth babes and sexism in the gaming industry. I am also not about to rail on out of touch CEOs. While I’m not really a proud of those aspects of the culture surrounding video games, I believe they are a symptom of the more disdainful aspects of commercialism and how it affects the way video games are marketed and produced.

Exploring the Intellectualization of Gamer Culture

I use the term intellectualization as a blanket term to characterize a process of growth within the gaming industry that is full of complexities that may not be fully described by the word intellectualization. I could use any number of grounding theoretical frame works to describe the process of maturation that we are seeing in the game industry. What I am really describing here is how games have developed from a purely sensational form of entertainment to where we stand now surrounded by those blessed few game creator’s who have constructed an ideology that focuses on expanding the player’s interaction with the game to encompass a broader range of emotive perceptions and intellectual reasoning.

It’s Good to Play Together: Multiplayer and Narratives

With the multiple protagonists of Grand Theft Auto 5 and the allusion to some sort of multiplayer narrative indicated by the final moments of Ubisoft’s breathtaking Watch Dogs trailer at E3 last year it is obvious that single player is not dead. That being said, the ultimate destiny of the single player gaming experience remains in a state of flux amidst yearly Call of Duty releases. Meaning that the current methods of demonstrating intriguing narrative-based gaming experiences are somewhat unhinged compared to the edifice that is team deathmatch.