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Farts, goats, and Britney Spears: You Don’t Know Jack, by the numbers

You might say the developers at Jellyvision do know Jack. They've been creating irreverent trivia, writing good (and bad) comedy, and recording hours and hours of smart-ass dialogue for their You Don't Know Jack video game series since 1995. 1995! That's 17 years of…well, a lot of pointlessness. And with the company's recent Facebook release, it's not looking to stop the fart jokes anytime soon.

Indie developers: Pitch us in one Tweet, and we may write about your game

You’ve worked hard. You’ve created what you think is an incredible game. But no one’s buying, and you’re sick of turning one pack of ramen into three days’ worth of sustenance. You wish those damn journalists would just take one little peek at your pride and joy, because you’re sure they’ll fall in love and lavish it with words of praise, giving it the attention it so desperately needs.