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I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember. Since the first time I held the joystick to an Atari 2600 I have been hooked. Along with my passion for film, I knew I would have a future in either field. Having studied film and journalism, I am working my way towards my growing passion of becoming a video game journalist. When the answer to the long-lived question, “Can video games truly be art” finally gets a distinctive answer, I want to be there and be part of it.

Location:Ontario, Canada

stories by Serge Sarkoyan

Evolution of Gaming

It’s interesting how much franchises evolve over the years. Company bigwigs keep trying to come up with “new” and “fresh” ways to keep up with the next generation of gamers. I am from an era where the pixelated dots on the screen accompanied by the bleeps and bloops emanating from my TV speakers kept capturing my heart. It had charm. No story or background was needed, what you saw on the screen was what you got. So simple, yet so inspired. You had to use your imagination to make sense of what you were looking at and listening to. Measured in single digit kilobytes, the games left so much to the imagination and, looking back on it now, seems such an incredible feat.