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Playing Resident Evil: Revelations like Halo is a bad idea

I need bullets to feel secure. Even something as unnatural as the undead couldn't scare me if I had a loaded gun in hand. Unfortunately for the zombie that had burst out of the closet, I had plenty of ammo as I littered his corpse with holes. When I raised my pistol to another fiend who had shown itself in the hallway, I realized I only had one bullet left. I shot the abomination in the head, and it responded by slamming me against the wall and eating my face. This was just one of the many scenarios in which I died in Capcom's upcoming title, Resident Evil: Revelations.

Video Blips: Box Cat, Total War: Shogun 2 – Fall of the Samurai, Urban Trials, and more

Most of us have just recovered from a weekend of being thankful one day and joining a flash mob the next. Children can't wait until Christmas to see if they got that new Don't Break the Ice! set they've been eyeing or perhaps even…Call of Duty: Mordern Warfare 3. In the eyes of a publisher, though, it's time to start reminding the masses that games will be coming out in 2012.

4 features that may attract unexpected players to Skullgirls

As I played a preview build of Skullgirls, a team-based fighter, I couldn't do anything but block. A training challenge in the game was trying to teach me how to defend myself by getting rid of any moves that I may distract myself with. The thought process of the developers at Reverge Labs must’ve been: "If people can’t learn to guard themselves, we’ll take away all other options!"